ADHD Deep Dive for Professional Organisers

PAAC & IAOTH Accredited - Learn the language of your ADHD clients difficulties with Clutter & Organisation

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ADHD Deep Dive for Professional Organisers

What You Will Learn!

  • In-depth knowledge how the ADHD brain works
  • How to work with your clients ADHD to declutter and organise with ease
  • How to maximise your ADHD clients long-term success
  • How to guide your clients to decide and prioritise with ease
  • How to create accountability as your clients reach their goals
  • All lectures taught by a certified ADHD Coach who has 20+ years of experience, who is an ADHD and is mum of 5 ADHD children
  • The course fee includes all the accompanying course pdfs, so you can absorb the knowledge with ease
  • This course is approved for 2 CEU PAAC credits
  • Option to Request IAOTH Accredited Certificate with Focus with Faigy Logo for minimal fee


This continuing professional education resource is tailored for ADHD Coaches who are already certified, or who are enrolled in a certified ADHD coach training program.


This course is approved for  2 PAAC CEU credits. PAAC is the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches, the gold standard for ADHD coach credentialing. If you are a PAAC certified ADHD coach, at the end of this course you will receive clear instructions how to log your 2 PAAC CEU credits.


This course is accredited with the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH.)

A standard certificate of completion will be downloadable when you have completed the course.

As a student of this course you will have the opportunity to upgrade your certificate and receive your IAOTH Accredited Certificate with the Focus with Faigy Logo at a low minimal cost of only £10.00. Clear instructions have been given at the end of the course.

This course is a springboard for Professsionals, who are short on time and focus, and want to find out more about ADHD.

On the internet there is a minefield of misinformation and lies about ADHD. In fact, there is very little clear-cut, and precise ADHD info and tools available on the internet. There is almost no information available on how you can EASILY reprogram your ADHD brain through applying simple and easy tools to your life. My courses fill this huge void.

As you move through the course, you will get signposted to relevant information so that you can further your learning and understanding of ADHD.


  • Profound ADHD knowledge gathered not available anywhere else

  • Short, focused lessons, that get straight to the point.

  • Tools that work, that you can use right away

  • Get to the heart of how an ADHD brain really works

  • How to harness those Supersonic ADHD Powers to create a “Good Enough” laundry system that is ADHD Fool proof.

The price for this course includes all the pdfs you need to  study this course.

In this course you will learn about Executive Functions, what they are and how they affect the ADHD brain.

The information and tools are practical and grounded. The knowledge is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, with many down-to-earth examples shared throughout the course, making the learning material relevant and easy to understand.


There is very little information regarding the Social Science behind ADHD. There is even less information on the nitty gritty, feet on the ground, how to live your life, moment to moment, with ADHD. There is almost no information about why the recommended ADHD skills work. My courses and ADHD resources fill this huge void.

As a Professional Organiser and ADHD Coach, I saw the huge changes that my clients created, and maintained, not just for one day, but for years. I realised that the simple ADHD truths and tools that I shared with my clients were actually profound wisdom.

I’ve invested years of my life to fill this gap, so that ADHD moms like you can finally stop suffering and start creating the life they had only dreamt of.


There is always more to learn and grow. If you want to explore this subject on a deeper level you can:

  • Sign up for my courses on Udemy

  • Join my Patreon Channel, a unique support resource for ADHD coaches

  • Educate yourself via my books

  • Listen to my ADHD podcast

  • Watch me share ADHD insights from my personal life on YouTube

  • Join my FB group for ADHD Coaches

  • Sign up for 121 ADHD Coach Mentoring

  • Sign up for my newsletter for ADHD Coaches via my website

All the above resources are available on my website focuswithfaigy.

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who hasn't got time to trawl through all the waffle on the internet and wants to get to the root of the matter asap
  • Professional Organisers who have ADHD
  • Certified ADHD Coaches who want to get more CEUs



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