Administer a Construction Contract

Learn the key elements of construction contracts, how to select the best contract and understand termination issues.

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Administer a Construction Contract


    In guiding a construction project a good working knowledge of the construction contract is essential. 

Duration of Study

The pace at which each student studies is different. The nominal hours for this course are 20 hours, however, this can vary greatly depending on your previous experience and study techniques. Student support is available by asking a question online or visiting our website.

Exner is a Registered Training Organisation 

    Exner Education, drawing on their 25 years of experience in the construction industry have tailored this course on administration of construction contracts to suit the needs of site managers, project managers, construction managers and contract managers to ensure that they gain a good understanding of construction contract administration. 

If you would like to be assessed for this unit, please visit our website for more information. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of attainment.

What You Will Learn!

  • Identify various types of building and construction contracts
  • Understand the legislative requirements of construction contracts
  • Learn essential terms and elements of valid contracts
  • Understand rights and liabilities of parties under contracts
  • Understand common contract terms and procedures
  • Undertand circumstances that bring a breach or termination of contracts
  • Identify the range of documents that make up a contract
  • Understand factors affecting repudiation of a contract
  • Identify the conditions for completion of contract at the cost of the contractor
  • Understand abandonment or ousting the contractor

Who Should Attend!

  • site managers, project managers, contract manager, builders, project stakeholders



  • Construction
  • Contract Management






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