Affinity Photo: Modern Special Effects

Create the most popular photo effects you can see today!

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Affinity Photo: Modern Special Effects


Have you ever looked at a special photo effect and thought 'I wish I knew how to do that...' Well, I'll show you how.

In a series of tutorials, I'll show you how to combine the various Affinity Photo tools to recreate the most popular photo effects you can see today, and maybe come up with your own signature look. I'll show you the right way to use the tools along with any potential problems and things to watch for when you create a series of stunning effects. But flexibility is key here, so I'll also show you several ways to adapt your new recipes to meet the needs of different images. I'll make recommendations about which images are suitable for which special effect, and I'll be giving you exercises to practice what you have learned.

I assume a basic knowledge of Affinity Photo. But, because we will be using some of the more professional grade tools, I provide some reference videos which isolate and explain how to use them.

But here's the especially nice bit. I often do these kind of courses because I love learning new things but also because I think it's important that I go through the same process you do when you learn from one of my courses. I find the single biggest problem is taking notes. It's the thing that slows me down, sometimes by a factor of 4 or 5.

So I've made the notes for you. You will find a 50 page .pdf waiting for you to download from Lecture 2. It contains extensive notes on the methods and processes I describe along with many screenshots. So much better than a load of scribbled notes that took you ages to write down...

It's so easy when you create an effect to get the feeling that the software is doing the talking for you. Well, we'll change that. I'll go into enough detail about how to use the tools and the right workflow to use that you will gain a deeper understanding of the entire process. You'll be creating stunning, flexible effects. You'll be making your photos shine!

What You Will Learn!

  • Modern photographic special effects - done efficiently
  • In depth knowledge of some of the more advanced tools in Affinity Photo
  • The dos and don'ts of an efficient workflow

Who Should Attend!

  • Students who have a basic knowledge of Affinity Photo
  • Anyone who wants to recreate many of the modern photographic special effects we see every day



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