Altera FPGAs: Learning Through Labs using VHDL

Grab your Altera FPGA development board and get a hands on approach to learning all about your FPGA through labs

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Altera FPGAs: Learning Through Labs using VHDL


Altera FPGAs: Learning Through Labs with VHDL teaches students digital design using the hands on approach. This course focuses on the actual VHDL implementation compared to the theory. The best most efficient way to learn VHDL is by actually writing and creating designs yourself. This courses includes 9 labs which include design for the following:

  1. BCD Display
  2. Random Number Generator
  3. Signed Multiplier
  4. Barrel Shifter
  5. Arithmetic Logic Unit
  6. Temperature Sensor
  7. Tilt Sensor
  8. Microphone Interface
  9. Potentiometer Interface

This course is structured such that each section contains a specific topic that is briefly discussed and then you will be given a design to start with to complete the lab. All the completed code solutions for each project will be available for download as a resource. Each section will contain a setup lecture that explains how to setup the lab. There is also a demonstration video given as a reference for a working design.

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand the design process for implementing a digital design onto a FPGA
  • Program a FPGA
  • Replicate all the labs demonstrated in this lab
  • How to use the Altera development tools

Who Should Attend!

  • Engineering Students
  • Engineering Managers
  • Digital Logic Enthusists
  • Individuals pursuing Electrical Engineering
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about VHDL
  • Anyone who wants to take it for fun!



  • FPGA
  • VHDL






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