Ambition Omnibus

Learn a CLASSIC of magic & ALL the sleight of hand techniqes you will require.

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Ambition Omnibus


The Ambitious Card is a modern day classic of magic, where a freely chosen card repeatedly rises to the top after being lost in the deck, with no overt actions from the magician. No matter where it is placed in the deck, with it signed by a single or multiple spectators, it continually rises to the top of the deck under even the closest scrutiny.

This complete and concise course will take the newest beginner on the path to learn how to perform and entertain with just a deck of cards and not just 'how to do a trick'. Although the Ambitious Card is the overall routine, my course also gives you the ability to entertain with stand alone effects such as a...

Chosen card appearing...

  • Folded up in your mouth

  • Stuck to your lips

  • Under a glass

  • In a small tin box

  • In a hat

  • Folded up in an otherwise empty shoe

  • Under a spectators watch

  • As well as my 'go-to' kicker producing a glass of liquid from your shoe

  • And FINALLY ...access to my private Facebook Group where you can share, get help, learn and discuss.

Also for those with intermediary skills, my course teaches some more advanced sleight of hand...

Such as the...

  • Second Card from the top One Handed Top Palm (phew...try saying that quickly!)

  • The Elusive Jennings One Handed Bottom Palm

  • As well as the Top Change

  • The Crimp

  • And other ADVANCED sleights.

I've always thought and voiced out loud that 'how a trick works is not how the magic happens' and my course discusses the importance of practice as well as rehearsal along with a variety of PDF's and video essays on the power of good structure within any routine that you can create using the material available here.


As a MASSIVE extra also included is my version of COINS THROUGH THE TABLE which I currently use as the opener to my street show, as well as DR. SAWAS' COIN SLOT routine that I have used for many years in corporate environments.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to bring all of my 20 years as a professional busking street magician and teach a lot of what I have used in my travels around the world working my show.

What You Will Learn!

  • How to ENTERTAIN with MAGIC and not 'just do tricks'.
  • Sleight Of Hand from Basic to Advanced techniques.
  • How to PRESENT your magic
  • Direction Control (AKA Misdirection)
  • How to STRUCTURE your routining.
  • Finales - Card In Shoe - Wiping The Signature - Card In Lips - Card Under Glass
  • Killer Kickers - Card In Hat & Mouth - Card Under Watch - Card In Box - Drink From Shoe
  • 32 Tutorial Videos - Four Video Essays - Written Essays - Attendant PDF's
  • Bonus 1 - My Coins Through the Table
  • Bonus 2 - Dr. Sawas Coin Slot Routine
  • Build CONFIDENCE through presentation and performance
  • Be the MAGICIAN that everyone will want to see

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginners to Intermediate Card Magicians
  • Students wishing to learn how to perform and not just 'do tricks'



  • Confidence
  • Magic Trick






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