How to Build an Anti-Racist Classroom

A classroom for every student

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How to Build an Anti-Racist Classroom


The death of George Floyd in 2020 sparked a revolution: it was time to take action and make the world a more equal place. If we truly want to see the world become fairer and better, then equality starts early. It starts in education. Classrooms must be free of racism.

It's no longer enough to pretend that racism does not exist and that all students are fairly represented in the education system. Change needs to start today for a better future for all of us. The only way that will happen is through an anti-racist classroom.

'Anti-racism' is still a new term and most teachers are unfamiliar with it. In this course, we reflect on our own teaching practices and explore ways to build a classroom for all students.

What You Will Learn!

  • Ideas for building an anti-racist classroom
  • Self-reflection on teaching practices
  • Tips for representing people from every background
  • Techniques for amplifying diverse voices
  • Insight into presenting history accurately
  • Advice for handling racist incidents
  • An understanding of why it's important to talk about race
  • Clarity over the term 'white supremacy'
  • The problems with a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Reasoning behind inclusive interaction
  • A motivation to raise awareness
  • Definitions of racism and anti-racism

Who Should Attend!

  • Teachers who are passionate about building classrooms where all students believe in themselves



  • Instructional Design
  • Social Impact
  • Teacher Training
  • Teaching English






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