iPhone Photography The Complete Course | Take Amazing Photos

Sharpen your iPhone Photography skills: Ideal for Hobbyists, Enthusiasts, Wedding Photography & Portrait Photography

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iPhone Photography The Complete Course | Take Amazing Photos


In this course you will learn how to take great photos using your iPhone. This course will help anyone who wants to get into the exciting and growing sector of iPhone photography.

Take Professional Photographs using only your iPhone, which you will be Proud to Share with your Friends and Family or Use for Work. 

  • Find out how to take fantastic photos using iOS 10 (the latest software)

  • Recognise some practical aspects of photography – things like how to stand and how to hold your iPhone

  • Learn the basics principles of photography – a must for beginners, a refresher for seasoned professionals

  • Maximise the quality of your photographs by learning the inbuilt tools to edit and perfect 

*** Update = Night Mode and the Ultra Wide Camera Lens - March 2021 ***

*** iOS 14 Update - July 2020 ***

*** iOS 13 Update - September 2019 ***

*** iOS 12 Update - June 2018 ***

*** iOS 11 Update - June 2017 ***

Vastly improve your skills at iPhone Photography  

 Over the last 100 years photography has continued to evolve and change, the latest chapter now being smartphone and iPhone photography. These changes require photographers to continually change, adapt and update their skill base.

This course therefore uses the latest iPhone and the latest software to make sure you are at the absolute forefront of this new exciting avenue of photography and keeps you ahead of the competition.  

Content and Overview 

This course actively encourages you to get involved, after many lectures there are small tasks set which help you to put into practice what you have just learnt. Although you could just sit and go through all of the lectures, the course is designed to be as practical and fun as possible as well as academic.

The course is split into 4 easy to understand sections – (1) Understanding the software and what you can do with it (2) Some basic principles of photography which will help you to take great photos (3) Learn how to use other equipment when using your iPhone, and (4) Make those great photos even better by showing the power of photo editing.

During the course you will also visit many locations and examine many photographs taken by the lecturer – this makes the course a lot more interesting and fun, rather than it being delivered in a boring “classroom” format.

As well as video lectures so you can see how to do everything, there are also quizzes for you to check your knowledge, and interaction with the lecturer and other students in the online groups – this allows you to share your new skills with others also taking the course and provides support and encouragement for you to keep carrying on and improving even after completing the course.

So by the end of this course you will no longer be bemused when you look at those “Shot on an iPhone” posters and wonder how they got those photos looking so good – why? – because you will be taking those great photos yourself!!!

Whether you need these new skills for your professional work, or you simply want to show off to your friends and family then this course is really for you, in fact, it is the only one you need to look at.

This course was initially shot with an iPhone 7 using iOS 10.

What You Will Learn!

  • Take great photos using their iPhone
  • Recreate those "Shot on an iPhone" TV adverts
  • Edit photos on their iPhone to print or share with friends and family
  • Understand some basic principles of photography that can be used with other equipment
  • Use other photographic equipment like tripods and lenses

Who Should Attend!

  • Everyone who has an interest in photography and has access to an iPhone
  • This course will also appeal to those who already have a knowledge of photography but who want to get into the specific field of iPhone photography
  • Those who want to add an iPhone to their list of photographic equipment that they use



  • iOS Development
  • iPhone Photography
  • Mobile Photography
  • Photography






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