Aviation: Fly an ILS Approach using a Flight Simulator

Enhance your aviation knowledge and flying skills learning to fly an ILS approach

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Aviation: Fly an ILS Approach using a Flight Simulator


This course is designed to teach you what is and how to fly an instrument landing system (ILS) using a simple flight simulator (try to figure out how a professional pilot works).

During these lessons you will meet the procedures to learn the theoretical and practical knowledge about how to perform:

  • A correct approach briefing

  • How to read an aeronautical ILS chart

  • Correct configuration of the airplane

  • Localizer interception

  • Glidesplope interception

  • Glide path descent

  • Standard operational procedures

  • Phraseology and communications

At the end of course the student will take a short multiple questions exam in order to verify its knowledge  before starting to practice through a simulator or maybe proceed with the real flight training becoming a private Pilot.

After this course I suggest you to check my other course "How to become a Commercial Pilot" where I will explain you step by step the journey to start you professional career as an Airline Pilot. Enroll now!

What You Will Learn!

  • Technical knowledge about the ILS
  • Read an aeronautical chart
  • Approach briefing
  • Localizer Interception
  • Glideslope interception
  • Correct descent on glidepath
  • Phraseology
  • Standard operational procedures

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginners
  • Virtual Pilots
  • Aviation Enthusiast
  • Private Pilots
  • Commercial Pilots



  • Aviation
  • Private Pilot Ground Test
  • UAS/Drone Remote Pilot






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