Basic: Adobe Illustrator for Merch by Amazon

The basics on learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to create designs for Merch by Amazon

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Basic: Adobe Illustrator for Merch by Amazon

What You Will Learn!

  • Over 14 lessons and 37 minutes of content!
  • Create a new document, pan and zoom around a canvas in Illustrator
  • Setup a custom workspace (interface) with just the pallets you need to complete the lessons
  • Import a image and manipulate it (resize, reposition)
  • Create text and manipulate it (colors, resize, reposition, etc)
  • Save your document
  • Export your design to PNG format in Merch by Amazon's required dimensions/resolution
  • Upload your design to the Merch by Amazon platform
  • Create a design from start to finish completely with Adobe Illustrator and get it uploaded to Merch by Amazon without needing to use Photoshop!


Adobe Illustrator for Merch by Amazon is an Illustrator course for creating graphic designs for Amazon's newest platform for content creators, Merch by Amazon. This course is aimed at the beginner and those new to Adobe Illustrator, as such this course runs at a slower pace, and explains the process in detail.

As this course is designed for the Merch by Amazon platform, you will learn how to customize the Illustrator interface and save the layout with only the tools you need to complete the course and avoid distractions. This custom layout will be available to you every time you open Illustrator, so you can quickly get to work making your Merch by Amazon designs.

Some of the hottest selling t-shirts are just designs with simple text or a basic graphic with text. In this course, students will learn how to create this type of design from beginning to end. Once a student completes this course they will know how to create a file with Amazon’s required image requirements (dimensions and resolution) and know how to get it uploaded to the Merch by Amazon website.

With this custom workspace, this course will show you how to quickly get started importing graphics and creating and manipulating that image with text. Before you complete the course, you will preview your creation with different colored backgrounds to see what your design would look like on different colored t-shirts.

Who Should Attend!

  • Take this course if you need the basics on Adobe Illustrator for creating t-shirt designs
  • This course is aimed at the beginner who is new to Adobe Illustrator



  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Amazon FBA






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