SALES Success MasterClass - How to Become a Killer Salesman

The face-to-face Sales METHODOLOGY that your Competitors fear. Sell things in a systematic way that will produce RESULTS

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SALES Success MasterClass - How to Become a Killer Salesman


I've been practicing Sales & Marketing, for over 27 years.

Therefore, I’m NOT here to give you useless sales theories, or "smart" marketing fads !

I’m here to share with you my hard-earned experience on how YOU can “SELL things to people", in a systematic way, that can produce RESULTS and safeguard your own professional and financial autonomy.

Sales is a formal step-by-step process, which anyone can learn and practice.

With this course, you will discover how to unfold your Sales Scenario in a structured and effective manner, so that the sales process moves seamlessly from an initial “get to know him” stage, up to the final “get the deal” stage in a disciplined way. 

Throughout this course, you will learn in detail:

  1. the complete sales theorymethodology, & tons of sales techniques
  2. lots of practical examples on what to say, word by word, at each stage of the selling process
  3. the ONLY way you should train your mind in order to achieve your goals in sales, marketing, and life

You need to know that sales success is only 50% based on learning and using the Sales Scenario over and over again. The other 50%, relies on a “killer” way of THINKING, that will sustain and grow your mentality as a person. You have to train your mind, and always fully PRACTICE the Sales methodology AND the 8 non-negotiable Values that are presented in this "Killers Salesman's" blueprint.

Whatever I’m telling you here, I’ve already relentlessly tried it out myself. My 27 years in Marketing & Sales in the UK and Greece, 20 of which as an entrepreneur, is a hell of an experience! I’ve tried things over and over again, I’ve failed miserably, and I’ve triumphed gloriously.


When it comes to Sales, I know WHAT works and HOW to help YOU make it work in your own business. 

Here's to your success!

What You Will Learn!

  • How to Sell products, services, or ideas in a methodical way, that can produce RESULTS
  • How to Implement tons of successful and practical sales and persuasion Techniques
  • How to Identify customers' Needs, match them with my products' Features, quantify the Products' Benefits & Close sales deals
  • How to tell engaging Stories and effectively Lead people into my own way of thinking
  • How outstanding people think, act, and behave, in order to systematically achieve their Goals
  • How to Think in an efficient, structured and customer-orientated manner

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who wants to earn an independent living in Sales & Marketing
  • Face to face Salespersons who want to succeed
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to Close Deals
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Sales Executives and Representatives
  • independent Dealers, Resellers, or Sales Agents
  • Anyone who wants to succeed in Sales



  • Sales Skills






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