Guitar Lessons: Complete Course for Beginners - Intermediate

Over 18 Hours of Guitar Lessons! Everything you need to know from Beginner to your 1st Gig faster than anywhere else

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Guitar Lessons: Complete Course for Beginners - Intermediate


The Frethub Foundation Course for Contemporary Guitar - taught by top UK Session Guitarists and Teachers Bobby Harrison and Nick Radcliffe - is a crash-course that will get you playing well in a relatively short space of time, since we’ve cut out any unnecessary exercises and just kept the valuable stuff. Whether you’re into rock, metal, country, blues or jazz, the techniques and approaches presented in these lessons apply to all styles of modern music.

We teach you all of the essential chords, scales and techniques you need to be able to play in a band, write your own songs or to simply make good music at home.

You don’t need to be able to read music to learn with FretHub and we’ve even cut out the need to read guitar Tab, since everything is explained thoroughly, in a note-for-note fashion. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Promo video for this course is designed to represent all of our courses available on this website. However our Foundation course should prepare you sufficiently to be able to tackle the more advanced techniques on display, so why not give us a try and most importantly....have fun!

What You Will Learn!

  • This is a complete foundation course which teaches the right stuff in the right order at the right pace. Perfect for beginners, intermediate players with gaps in their knowledge, or anybody with a desire to finally learn to play the guitar properly. There are very few more experienced teachers and musicians than Bobby Harrison and Nick Radcliffe.
  • Learn to play the guitar to a good level and fully understand everything you are playing while developing your ear for music!
  • We have students who have gone from total beginners to joining bands and playing live gigs within months!

Who Should Attend!

  • This is the perfect course for beginners as we start right from square 1 but there's also plenty for Intermediate players
  • If you can already play, why not dive in half way through? The course is neatly broken down so you can choose the start level for your ability and there should be plenty to gain from the lessons.
  • If you are already a Guitar God but feel there might be the tiniest room for improvement, we have plenty of other courses to suit you!



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