Blender Scripting Series Volume 1.1

Begin learning how to code using python script

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Blender Scripting Series Volume 1.1


Hello and welcome to the 1st instalment for our Blender scripting series.

In the scripting series we focus on learning how to code using python script in Blender. This means a departure from the traditional methods of 3D modelling, sculpting, animation etc. All of the tools in Blender run using Python script in the background. If you can master python script then you can perform almost any action without leaving Blenders text editor.

But why script in the 1st place?

Programming is one of the most sort after skillsets in this tech savvy world, and python is one of the most popular programming languages to learn even outside of Blender. What's more is learning python script in Blender will allow you to design and create your own add ons. These are community driven tool kits that improve Blenders functionality in an almost unlimited number of ways. But before you can begin creating add ons you must first learn about scripting itself. That's where we start in volume 1.1, introducing scripting in Blender for the 1st time. As such, this class is for those who consider themselves to be absolute beginners in coding python. It is also recommended for those who have a basic knowledge of python but have not used it in Blender as there are unique characteristics to python script in Blender.

In this class we will be learning the following....

  • Accessing the scripting workspace

  • Using script templates and the info panel to support learning

  • The structure of a basic script

  • The rules of syntax with python

  • Using classes to create panels

  • Registering classes so that they can be used by Blender

  • Using functions to create operators for adding objects

  • Changing the parameters of our code

We look forward to seeing you in class.

What You Will Learn!

  • Using python script in Blender
  • Use templates and the info panel to aid learning
  • How to interpret the rules of syntax
  • Use classes to create panels
  • Use functions to create operators for adding new objects
  • Registering classes
  • How to read a simple script and how it all works

Who Should Attend!

  • General beginners to python
  • Those who wish to use python with 3D appilcations
  • Blender users who want to learn to code



  • Blender
  • Python






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