Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure - ACI

Learning Cisco ACI with Dual CCIE Jason Lunde

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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure - ACI


Get to know Cisco ACI with your instructor, Jason Lunde, a certified CCIE in both Data Center and Routing and Switching. In this initial series we will not overwhelm you with information, but rather strive get you accustomed to ACI, how it operates, and how to actually do the work within the APIC GUI! This is about 9 hours worth of ACI goodness! If you are preparing for the DC v2 exam, this will be the perfect series to obtain the information that you will need to know in order to be successful in the lab examination (within the scope of ACI).

You will learn more about:
• SDN (Software-defined Networking)
• ACI Components
o Spine and Leaf Switches
o APIC Controllers

Unlike most traditional courses, I will take you through the implementation of an ACI infrastructure from a real-world perspective. You will learn most of the terminology associated with Cisco’s ACI, as well as the basic networking constructs such as bridge domains and contexts.

Most implementation are not going to be ‘strictly ACI’ either, so I take you though how to extend layer-2 and layer-3 out of, and through the ACI domain. This includes using some of our favorite protocols such as BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, and vPC!

Note: My course is developed using ACI 1.2(x) release.

What You Will Learn!

  • Prepare and plan for ACI integrations in a greenfield, or brownfield deployment scenario
  • Deploy an ACI infrastructure
  • Talk to management level employees about the benefits of Cisco's ACI

Who Should Attend!

  • Students studying for the CCIE DC v2 Exam
  • Pre and post-sales engineers wanting real-world ACI examples and scenarios
  • People wanting to learn ACI in a logical, easy to understand format



  • SDN
  • Cisco ACI






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