Community Service Engineering

Introduction to Community Service Engineering: bridging the worlds of technology, the social domain & the profit sector

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Community Service Engineering


Are you an engineer with an affinity for the social domain?
Are you convinced that technology is an important lever for more independence and a better quality of life for vulnerable groups in society?
Do you think you can make a significant contribution to social profit organisations as an engineer?

This course bridges the worlds of technology, the social profit and the profit sector.
Above all as an engineer you solve problems for ... people.

This course will help you to get into the social aspects of engineering problems and focuses on:

1. User Centred Design & Vulnerable Groups

2. Organisations in the social domain

3. Technology in the social domain

What You Will Learn!

  • Formulate an appropriate technical answer to a 'real need' with a clear link to the social domain
  • Address the formulated need via the ‘User Centred Design’ (UCD) process in interaction with the end user and/or other relevant stakeholders
  • Communicate the acquired knowledge and insights via the UCD process utilising advanced information technology
  • Categorise organisations active in the social domain and compare them with organisations in different countries
  • Illustrate and substantiate the societal added value of these organisations
  • Explain what social innovation is and provide examples
  • Explain what assistive technology is and provide examples
  • Explain what accessibility is and provide examples that illustrate it
  • Explain what accessibility is and provide examples
  • Illustrate how technology can contribute to the optimisation of the social profit organisations

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is meant to support engineering students in undertaking a ‘real-life project’ for a vulnerable group:
  • Masters of Engineering Technology
  • Masters of Engineering Science
  • Masters of Engineering Science: Architects
  • BioScience Engineers
  • Business Engineers



  • Social Impact






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