The Community Fundraising Masterclass

Maximize Your Community Fundraising And Help Your Volunteer Fundraisers Raise More!

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The Community Fundraising Masterclass


Brilliant fundraisers are everywhere; recruiting volunteers, winning corporate partnerships and amassing a community following of supporters who are engaged and passionate about their cause.  But how are they doing it?  This session will explore the effective and free ways that on-the-ground fundraisers are making the most of their time and digital to find and keep the supporters who will make the biggest impact.

You’re empathetic, creative and skilled in spotting opportunities, all brilliant qualities to be a great fundraiser. But to be an amazing fundraiser you need to put yourself out there, network constantly and be comfortable in front of a crowd; and let’s face it, we don’t always feel up to it. From fundraisers who have overcome anxiety and self-doubt to become public speaking contest winners & respected relationship builders, we’ll share our learnings of how to achieve your fundraising goals when all you really want to do is hide behind your desk.

Does your organisation encourage you to approach anyone & everyone for a partnership? Do you feel overstretched & overwhelmed on where to begin? Have you had enough of cold calling & want to spend your precious time looking for and working with the individuals, groups and businesses that will have the biggest impact? Then this course is for you.  We’ll explore the best methods of looking for, pitching to and working with fundraisers out in the community to flip your peer-to-peer fundraising from scattered to strategic.

What You Will Learn!

  • Be a better fundraiser in your community

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who wants to expand their fundraising
  • Fundraisers who want to increase and improve their network of companies, groups and individuals
  • Any individual or oganization tasked with fundraising



  • Fundraising






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