Contract Management : Specific Contract Clause Study

Understand the Force Majeure Clause and Edit/Negotiate it in a Practical Way

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Contract Management : Specific Contract Clause Study


Every contract contains a set of standard clauses commonly called "boiler-plate" clauses. These are tucked away towards the end of any properly drafted English contract. Have you looked at these last couple of clauses & wondered what they mean?

They are often considered the less important clauses. As such, "boiler-plate" clauses are often overlooked or not negotiated. Some of them are straightforward, however, some, like the Force Majeure clause, cover important matters and can present issues if not negotiated appropriately.

What You Will Learn!

  • This course is not intended to replace necessary legal advice. However it will help you to :-
  • (1) Identify the meaning and usefulness of the Force Majeure clause;
  • (2) Edit a Force Majeure clause in a practical way; and
  • (3) Test your knowledge through quizzes & a practice edit.
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to negotiate a Force Majeure clause by presenting relevant edits/amendments.

Who Should Attend!

  • Any employee from any industry who is required to review a contract (either with/without legal help) and needs to understand the potential issues and edits relating to the Force Majeure clause.
  • Any business owner / freelancer who knows how to vet the main body of the contract but has seldom looked over the boiler-plate (miscellaneous) clauses.
  • Any contract negotiator / legal personnel who has neglected reviewing boiler-plate (miscellaneous) clauses.
  • This course is NOT for experienced contract negotiators or legal personnel, who are confident about reviewing boiler-plate clauses.



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