Create a Character in Blender3D - Vol.3 Texturing

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Create a Character in Blender3D - Vol.3 Texturing


Blender Foundation certified Trainer Lee Salvemini returns once more to fully texture, light, and composite his popular ‘Ninja’ character.

Following Volume 1: Modeling and Volume 2: Rigging. This third instalment of the Character Creation series completes the character, making it ready to function in a pre-rendered game cutscene or short film!

The course will introduce you to many of the fundamental tools and techniques, as well give an overview of the final character for reference, before diving into the main chapters. Learn how to set up a base scene to build the character textures within. Paint your own textures in the open source software G.I.M.P. to create a believable face, and create shaders for the clothing, armor, weapons and accessories. All matching to a design by David Revoy, Art Director of the Open Movie 'Sintel'. By completion you’ll have applied final color correction and set up a promotional scene for a stunning result!

Follow along with every second recorded and all tools and techniques explained. With the final character being under the creative commons license, you can use or edit it for your own personal and commercial projects!

What You Will Learn!

  • By the end of this course, you will know how to use Blender's Internal Renderer to create fast-rendering high quality images for stills or animations.
  • Learn various methods of texturing and layering them to create believable materials.
  • Every single second of the creation process recorded. Full narration for every chapter, with complete explanation of methods and techniques.
  • Step files for each checkpoint, and final modeled, rigged and textured character included under the Creative Commons license!



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