Create A Guestbook From Scratch: PHP and MySQLI

Create Your Own Guestbook Using HTML, CSS. PHP And MySQL

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Create A Guestbook From Scratch: PHP and MySQLI


Do you want to become an expert backend web developer?

Or maybe you’ve got a solid understanding of HTML and CSS but still aren't sure how all this PHP and MySQLi relates to the real world?

If so, this course is perfect for you! In this course, I will teach you step by step how to create an guestbook COMPLETELY from scratch using PHP and MySQLi.

Okay, so what’s the course about?

In this course, we will create a message board from scratch using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQLi.

After completing this website, you can be certain:

  • you are proficient with HTML and CSS

  • you are familiar with PHP and MySQLi and how they work together with frontend programming.

  • you know how to use all the above to build a real project

  • and much more!


By enrolling in this course, you will have my COMPLETE support. I love helping students out and am ready to answer any question you may have: programming issues, errors, general programming advice - it doesn't matter!


Finally, you’ll discover that programming is actually a lot of fun! 

What are you waiting for?

What You Will Learn!

  • How To Create Posts Using MySQL
  • How To Delete And Update Posts Using MySQL
  • How To Create Replies That Correspond To A Post(Similar To How Comments Correspond To A Blog Post)
  • How To Delete And Update Replies Using MySQL
  • How To Change The Content Of A Page Depending On The $_GET Variable
  • How To Transfer Data From One Page To Another Using $_SESSION

Who Should Attend!

  • Web Developers With Some Experience Using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL



  • PHP






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