Ethereum Trading Robot - Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula

Semi-Automated System with Unique Formula to Exit Bad Trades on Profit, or Worst Case Scenario on 0.

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Ethereum Trading Robot - Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula


Are you looking to trade the Ethereum and limit your losses? In this course, I will teach you how to do it.

Dear traders, my name is Petko Aleksandrov, the head trader at EA Forex Academy, and I am happy to launch the Ethereum trading robot - Cryptocurrency never losing formula course. I have been trading for many years, looking for a technique to avoid the bad trades., and I have found it.

In this course, I am going to show you the unique formula that I call Never Losing. With this formula, you will learn to manage correctly the trades that went on negative, and this way, you will have only the profitable trades.

In the course, I will include a strategy for the Ethereum as Ethereum trading Robot, which will give you the entries automatically. This strategy is optimized to bring more positive than negative trades.

With this Expert Advisor, you will be able to increase your account with $90 on every profitable trade if you trade with one lot. And the negative trades, you will exit with 0 losses.

While many trading courses focus on showing positive trades over the past chart, it's hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which will show you negative live trading examples. And I will teach you how to manage them.

What will you learn in this course?

  • how to trade the semi-automatic system and lower the time spending in front of the trading screen

  • use ready Expert Advisor to execute the trades with the rules of a precise strategy

  • learn what the strategy standing behind the Robot is and what are the Entry rules

  • add every time $90 on every profitable trade and 0 losses on the negative trades

  • optimize the Expert Advisor properly over the Historical data of your broker

  • you will be able to manage all situations, as I will provide you with not only positive but with negative examples

  • calculate the Never Losing Formula properly, and apply it correctly on the market

It is a fact that every system has losing trades. The question is how to manage them?

The examples in the course are bad trades. There is no need to show examples of suitable trading with much profit. In this course, I want to teach you how to manage the negative trades so that you will be out with 0 losses.

Once you learn to exit the negative trades on Zero, you will know what to do and how to use correctly the Ethereum trading robot.

The Never Losing Formula could be applied to many assets. We are looking for the volatile ones, as the cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is one of them, and it has small fees to be traded. That makes it convenient for the Never losing formula.

Contents and overview

This course is aimed at teaching traders at what it takes to improve your skills by exciting the negative trades with 0 losses.

You will start with the basics of the Meta Trader platform and the choice of broker. I will teach you what the strategy behind the Expert Advisor is and how to use it. You'll then dive into examples of trading with the system. This way, you will understand better the system.

You will learn about the trend, and how important it is to trade with the direction of the trend. I will show you how to set up the Ethereum trading robot to open trades only for buy or for sell.

So you can have your Expert Advisor fit to your trading broker, I will teach you how to optimize the strategy properly using the Historical data of your broker(scripts are included in the course).

By the end of this course, your confidence as a trader will rise. You will realize that adding small profits as $90 to your account and having no losses will continuously build your account. You will have a precise strategy, and you will not hesitate how to trade anymore!

The Ethereum trading robot will be combined with the primary trend and the formula.

This way, you will always trade in the right direction, and you will have stable protection. I have used the professional software EA Studio (if you decide to practice with it, you may sign up and use two weeks free trial). And I will teach you how to optimize, backtest, and automate strategies with it.

This way, you will learn to trade with a strategy that is prepared for your trading broker, and you will learn to trade with a strategy that is prepared for your trading broker.

The Ethereum trading robot is coded to work for the Meta Trader platform, which is the most common and free nowadays.

Who is the instructor?

I am Petko Aleksandrov, and I am a professional trader with many years of experience. After I graduated the MD at the university, I went to study trading in London, UK. It was a great experience, and I learned the basics. However, it was not enough to achieve stable profits.

After that, I worked for a couple of financial institutions looking for the best methods to trade on the market. There was no single day where I stopped studying.

Now, I am glad to share my trading strategies and Expert Advisors with traders around the world. From 2017 to 2018, I had more than 13 000 students joining my courses, which makes me extremely happy.

Together with all of my other courses, I will answer any of your questions within 12 hours.

If for some reason, you decide that this strategy does not meet your trading style, you can always use the 30-day money-back guarantee.

I will make sure to keep the Ethereum Trading Robot suitable to the current market conditions.

I can not wait to see you inside the class!

Enroll now, and I will help you bring your trading to the next level!

Enjoy the course!

Petko A

What You Will Learn!

  • Trade the Ethereum with Expert Advisor as a professional trader
  • Manage the bad trades in a way to exit always on a profit or zero losses
  • Combine algorithmic and manual trading to achieve best results
  • Trade with the major direction of the Ethereum to filter the entries
  • Use properly an Ethereum trading robot that will execute the trades
  • Manage trading account lir a pro trader and eliminate the losses
  • Optimize the Expert Advisor for your trading broker
  • Use a mathematical formula to eliminate the negative trades

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginner traders who are looking for Ethereum trading system
  • Everyone who wish to have additional income with the Ethereum trading robot
  • Advanced traders who are looking to handle the bad trades professionally
  • Everyone who is interested in trading the Ethereum and not investing in it



  • Ethereum
  • Financial Trading
  • Cryptocurrency






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