DATA - Google Sheets 101 - Basics

Entry-level Skills for Google Sheets, Personal & Professional Use

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DATA - Google Sheets 101 - Basics


Whether it's at home or at work, data and spreadsheets are becoming more important to understand. Google Sheets is a great, free option for tracking, manipulating, and analyzing all the data that makes up our lives.

In this course, we delve into the entry-level skills that beginners need to know in order to work with Google Sheets, starting with creating files and navigating the interface. From there, we dive into working with simple tables, formatting, basic formulas, built-in data hygiene functions, sorting, and filtering. The course ends with a capstone project designed to make use of the concepts discussed in the course, cement the learning, and create something practical in the process.

NOTE: This truly is a beginner's course, so if you have experience with Google Sheets already, consider the Intermediate or Advanced courses instead!

What You Will Learn!

  • A beginner-level familiarity with Google Sheets, navigation, and usage.
  • Creating/manipulating spreadsheets
  • Formatting, managing, and working with data in columns & rows
  • Basic formulas

Who Should Attend!

  • Students who want to gain a baseline understanding of using Google Sheets for Office Productivity
  • NOT students who are already familiar with Google Sheets, or who are looking for more in-depth guidance on data analysis, reporting, or formulas. You are looking for the Intermediate/Advanced courses!



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