Music Theory for Electronic Producers - The Complete Course!

Join Successful students in Music Theory for Electronic Producers for Creating, Arranging, and Analysing Music Theory

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Music Theory for Electronic Producers - The Complete Course!


Learning how to write and create music effectively will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it

In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Music Theory and ideas techniques and formulas to use when creating your own electronic music to allow you more options. You'll learn the beauty and the power of music theory that's used by professionals today. 

With over 8-hours of videos, this music course is JAM PACKED with information to help you learn music theory to help you improve at music theory today!

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Tomas and I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Composition. I’m also the creator of some of the world's most popular music production courses - with over 290,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones:

Really great teacher of music theory, taught exercises into great depth but explained exercises simply, recommend it to anyone who has never studied music theory before - Milo C.

Very useful lectures which provide me a lot of information and improve my skills dramatically. His teaching method also helps me easily to understand. Thank you so much Tomas. - Huy N.

It helps a lot, I recommend it for beginners who have never learn anything about music. The lessons are enjoyable and there's a lot of examples about composing. - Alessio P.

What is this Music Theory course all about?

This Music Theory course will cover such topics as:

• Major scales,

• Minor scales

• Major chords

• Minor chords

Diminished chords

• Chord progressions

• Modulation

• Relative majors

• Relative minors

• Modes

• Song analyse

 Deconstructed several tracks

• Writing a song from a drum beat

• How to write a song from a chord progression

• How to write a song from a melody

• How to write melodies

• How to write harmonies

• How to work out keys and scales

• Pentatonic scales

• And more.

What you'll learn in this course will make you better at music production, and improve your songwriting abilities in any Digital Audio Workstations!

Learn to love music theory and create electronic music with these easy-to-learn techniques!

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and we'll see you in lesson 1!



What You Will Learn!

  • The Keyboard layout and major and minor scales
  • Chords and Inversions to help you write your own music from scratch!
  • Major and Minor chord progressions
  • Learn how to write memorable melodies and melodic tunes to make your songs really stand out from the crowd
  • Learn how to write Bass Parts that give your music more rhythm
  • How to Analyse music theory in electronic tracks that you can use for new ideas for your own songs
  • Modes and other scales to help add some interesting elements into your music
  • Improve at Music Theory in General

Who Should Attend!

  • Those with basic music production and composing skills who wish to improve at music theory
  • Experienced electronic producers who want to advance at music theory
  • New and experienced electronic music producers who want to deepen their knowledge
  • Those interested in creating their own music or being better at music production
  • Band members who want to learn how to write their own music



  • Music Production
  • Music Theory






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