Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Seven

Part Seven: Color Corrections and 3D Titles in Final Cut Pro

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Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Seven

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn how every control works in Final Cut Pro
  • Utilize shortcuts to speed up your editing workflow
  • Discover tools in Final Cut Pro that can save time and effort
  • Master the entire Final Cut Pro workflow: Import, Export and everything in-between
  • Adapt and solve common issues that arise while editing videos
  • Expand your vocabulary with valuable terms used in the video editing world


Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro! Whether you're just starting out, or you've been editing videos for years, our bite-sized tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of this revolutionary software.

In an increasingly digital world, video editing is an amazing skill for any creator to have in their arsenal. Final Cut Pro is one of the best video editing packages for creating small clips to multi-million dollar movies, and it's available for a reasonable price to anyone with a Mac.

In Part Seven, we'll cover how to analyze a clip for color, automatically color balance clips, manually white balance clips, match color, add color corrections, use Color Board, Color Wheels, Color Curves, use Hue and Saturation Curves, add shape and color masks to color corrections, add shape masks to color masks, save color correction presets, use the comparison viewer to compare frames, use video scopes while color correcting clips, and detect out of gamut colors; and how to add or convert 3D titles, move and rotate 3D text, adjust 3D text controls, add and modify preset materials, work with material layers, add materials to multiple facets, adjust 3D lighting and environment controls, and adjust 3D substance, paint, finish, and placement controls.

Once you've finished Part Seven, check out Part Eight, in which we'll cover Multicam Editing, 360° Video Editing, and how to stay up to date with Final Cut Pro.

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Who Should Attend!

  • Video Editors or anyone looking to begin using Final Cut Pro or expand on their current knowledge.



  • Video Editing






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