Fingerstyle Guitar by Jacques Stotzem - Advanced Level

Discover the ADVANCED fingerstyle guitar with guitarist Jacques Stotzem / including transcription / Watch the trailer

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Fingerstyle Guitar by Jacques Stotzem - Advanced Level


This is the second course by Jacques Stotzem - ADVANCED FINGERSTYLE

In this online guitar lesson / workshop Jacques will be teaching you some more advanced stuff than in his basic course. In 6 Videolessons you will get to know two compositions by Jacques Stotzem.

  • Learn the ballade "Lueur du soir" incl. MP3 and TRANSCRIPTION
  • Learn the song "Finger´s Stomp" incl. MP3 and TRANSCRIPTION
  • Everything is transcribed in sheet music and tabs

Including: 2 exclusive performance videos by Jacques Stotzem (Tweny-one & his arrangement of Come together)

Take this course, if you already watched our first/basic course or if you are interested in learning more advanced stuff. You don´t need to be a guitar crack. Everything you need is presented in the videos or/and on our pdfs. You do not need to read any note - there are also some tabs!

Jacques will show you a nice ballade (the same from the teaser video) and a classical finger style boomchick song. Preview the mp3s in the course curriculum :)

After taking the course and learning the songs you have expanded your finger style repertoire. Now you´re ready to change the songs and make your own out of it!

Complete runtime: 91 minutes

What You Will Learn!

  • open your mind for advanced finger style music
  • play the ballade "Lueur du soir"
  • play the song "Finger´s Stomp"
  • print out the "sheet music pdfs" for your memo
  • play the songs with the transcripted sheet music and tabs
  • get a better feeling for Jacques compositions
  • play an advanced finger style boom chick guitar

Who Should Attend!

  • Take this course if you already took Jacques "Basic Fingerstyle" course or if you already know something about fingerstyle
  • Take this course if you are interested in playing finger style guitar music (similar to guys like Tommy Emmanuel)
  • Take this course if you want to discover the finger style guitar and the music of Jacques Stotzem



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