GMAT Data Sufficiency- 50 Original Qs - Solved And Explained

50 solved practice questions, from a team with average GMAT score = 770

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GMAT Data Sufficiency- 50 Original Qs - Solved And Explained


The Data Sufficiency questions on the GMAT are cunning- an unusual term to apply to a question type, but one that fits! Never fear - honest practice wins over cunning every day of the week.

  • Questions can be cunning - particularly so on the Data Sufficiency parts of the GMAT! The test-setters almost hope that you will commit the rookie error of trying to actually solve these questions.
  • Rookie errors can cost you your dream of studying a top business school. If you actually set out to solve a data sufficiency problem, and find a specific solution, your score will sink, and so will your prospects of MBA glory.
  • Honest practice beats cunning every day of the week - Just practice enough, and avoiding these rookie errors will become a part of 'muscle memory'. Honest practice is all it takes, honest.

What's covered

  • 50 high-quality Data Sufficiency problems, original, and prepared to span the range of such questions on the GMAT.
  • 6 hours of step-by-step reasoning, so you can learn to think like the test-setters.
  • Visual highlights so that you really get why alternatives are right or wrong.

What You Will Learn!

  • Ace the Data sufficiency questions on the GMAT!
  • Identify the common types of Data sufficiency questions on the GMAT, and know what techniques to apply

Who Should Attend!

  • Yep! Anyone preparing to take the GMAT
  • Yep! Anyone looking to level the playing field in the quantitative section
  • Yep! Anyone that finds quant incredibly confusing, and would like simple, crisp explanations



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