Grant writing for artists, non-profits & freelance writers

Solve your financial problems through grant writing and solve them fast in 2020 (+ bonus freelance writing tips)

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Grant writing for artists, non-profits & freelance writers


Non profits and artists are very similar. They both tend to sacrifice for something larger then themselves and they both seem to suffer financially because of that.


Most non profits spend a lifetime helping others out but only spend several days/weeks helping themselves out. In that process they don't seem to understand or have difficulties with accepting that you can only help others if you help yourself first. Somehow non-profits like to believe that doing good will always be rewarded in some form or another. While I don't know if that statement is true or not... I do know that if there's a reward, it never comes in the form of money.

Grant writing is one of the best ways to get a stable source of income for non-profits while establishing more credibility and impact along the way. Fortunately there is a proven method to write the best proposals. A method backed by neuroscience and used by top level artists and non-profits crossing different fields. With this method and set of principles you can win grants, proposals, pitches, offers, etc. In this course Dries will be teaching you this proven method and set of principles so you can get the funding and support you deserve.

This same goes for artists.

Most artists spend a lifetime acquiring there artistic skills in order to master them but only spend several weeks learning how to sell that skill. This attitude is fundamentally broken. Somehow we like to believe that all geniuses where born with natural talents for their art and didn't spend any time in learning how to build an audience or sell their work. This image of the ideal genius is a fantasy and doesn't apply to the real world. In reality all artists who are recognized for their craft, trained themselves in marketing and selling their craft.

Grant writing just happens to be one of the best ways to get funding for your projects as well as marketing your art and building that people portfolio out. And fortunately there is a proven method to write the best proposals used by top level artists crossing different fields. With this method and set of principles you can win grants, prices, residencies, scholarships, and more. In this course Dries will be teaching you this proven method and set of principles so you can get the funding and support you deserve.

Taking the red pill starts with understanding that you will need to train yourself in the skills of grant writing, skills that will be applicable in other areas of your artistic career, in order to get the financial certainty you are longing for. For most artists getting paid for your art is a dream. For some it's a reality. and I know first hand that grant writing can turn that into a reality for you. So let's give you a short introduction into what you'll be learning in this course.

You will learn:
- Learn the most successful strategy to decide which words to put in your proposal.

- The first and most important rule of grant writing.

- The best communication trick from Martin L. King and how to use it in your proposal.

- How to put dopamine in the brains of the readers and make them addicted to your proposal.

- Learn the truth. Learn why sample language and templates will never work.

- Learn the principles of grant writing in order to get funding within the next 6 months.

- You'll learn how to write in a way that people can build an emotional bridge with your project.

- How to master the skill of grant curation.

- How to identify the most important parts of the writing process and where to spend most of your time on. 

- Understand the difference between the remembering self and the experiencing self and how to use it in any form of writing.

- How to think and write like a professional copywriter.

- How to solve your financial problems as an artist through grant writing.

- Learn how to write a budget that tells a story and makes people emotional.

- Get real recognition for your art from important institutions and foundations.

- Become a master communicator and get the same results as the instructor of this course. Dries won dozens of awards, residencies and grants and got featured in some of the biggest art magazines (VICE, FUBIZ, Bored Panda, etc.). This course will enable you to do the same.

This course is for:

- Artists who want to solve their financial problems and start receiving money for their projects.

- Freelance writers who want to build confidence and charisma when approaching clients in the field of the arts.

- Professional artists who want to learn advanced business writing skills like grant writing or find an online training resource for one of their employees.

- People who want to improve their communication skills.

Above all of this, there is no risk involved whatsoever. You have a 30-day money back guarantee. Go ahead and check out the free sections of this course before you make a final decision. Or decide to buy the course immediately before you change your mind and postpone your personal development again. Anyway looking forward to see you on the other side.

What You Will Learn!

  • LEARN the communication secret used by Martin L. King and how to use it for grant writing (available in preview section)
  • IMPROVE your writing skills with proven writing principles backed up by recent research in neuroscience and behavioral psychology.
  • LEARN why sample language doesn't work, why templates will never work and what to do instead. (available in preview section)
  • For an overview of all the benefits you will be getting, go to the course description section.

Who Should Attend!

  • Artists who have money problems and feel they lost their confidence because of it.
  • Non-profits who want involve important institutions in their organizations cause through grant writing.
  • Artists who regret not getting the funding they applied for
  • Non-profits who want to get more credibility through winning grants
  • Writers who want to improve their communication skills
  • Non-profits who want to diversify their income streams and not rely on donors only.
  • Artists who want to learn more about the business side of their craft and want to learn fast.
  • Freelance writers who want to tap into one of the biggest client bases when it comes to writing grants (artists)
  • Artists who don't like to read books but still want to learn the ins and outs of grant writing
  • Artists who have been struggling to get their careers of the ground for the last couple of years.



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