Video Production Magic: Green Screen & Chroma Key with Ease

Green Screen video can fun and easy. Your videos will look like a Million Bucks - even if your name isn't Spielberg!

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Video Production Magic: Green Screen & Chroma Key with Ease


Green Screen effects are NOT JUST for the big studios any more! Move over Lucas, Spielberg ...

Learn how you can use a simple green screen set up to make better videos - that sell more - and increase your profits.

The fastest (and cheapest) way to turn a low- (or no-) budget video into a professional looking work is with a green screen. And with today's inexpensive lighting systems and ubiquitous editing software, you can do it at home.

In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step course, you'll learn how to shoot, edit, and produce professional looking green screen videos. This course covers all the basics of green screening and it even goes in depth to cover a range of topics to help beginners perfect their videos.

More than 2,000 enrolled and 32 FIVE-STAR Reviews!

You will learn the how to set up your green screen, lighting, camera and tripod, including the positioning of everything.

Shooting green screen video is fun and easy.

Then, I take you into Final Cut Pro X, and show you just how easy it is to drop out and replace your background.

I've also included a supplemental video talks about the fascinating 100-year history of film matting, green and blue screen, and Chroma Key.

Take this course now and discover how to turn your inexpensive educational or sales videos in dazzling, engaging works of art.

What You Will Learn!

  • Heck, You'll be able to TEACH green screen (and Chroma Key) to your friends and loved ones~
  • You'll know how to light a green screen.
  • You'll be ready to turn your ordinary videos into fun (and profitable) productions.
  • Your business videos will feel like feature films!

Who Should Attend!

  • Are you a beginner videographer (or photographer), hoping to jazz up your work?
  • Or perhaps, you're an E-marketer or small business owner who wants to make your videos look like a million bucks!



  • Audio Production
  • Video Production






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