Play Incredible Guitar Solos: Essential Exercises

Become the guitarist you've always dreamed of.

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Play Incredible Guitar Solos:  Essential Exercises

What You Will Learn!

  • How to play incredible guitar solos
  • How to use the pentatonic scale to IMPROVISE professional sounding solos instantly
  • How to play with EMOTION
  • How to play with dizzying SPEED with simple picking and legato tricks
  • How to know which notes to play in any key
  • How to play in ANY KEY on the guitar
  • Learn to feel the music and improvise with different styles
  • How to play the BLUES scale
  • Learn fancy tricks like TAPPING, SWELLS, and POWER SLIDES
  • Master sliding, bending, and legato techniques
  • Master alternate picking for lightning fast riffs and solos


"Ryan's course has taught me so much about guitar soloing that I couldn't have learned elsewhere.  I was even able to play a solo from one of my favorite songs!" -Michael Suprise

"Ryan has been able to help me shortcut what would’ve been a long, directionless path otherwise.  Being able to see those tangible results has inspired me forward and made learning the guitar a heck of a lot of fun." -Jorden Barrow

What are your dreams?

If you had the freedom to play anything you wanted on the guitar, what would you be playing right now? 

If you’re like most people, you might hesitate to answer this question because you feel like it would be considered unrealistic or you feel like maybe you’re just not the guitar soloing type. 

You’ve got a busy schedule so maybe you don’t have time or maybe you just can’t afford lessons with top quality teachers.  It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, but I’m here to tell you, if you feel the guitar calling out to you and you want to play beautiful solos, then you’ll be able to do it!  And it’s not as hard as you might think. 

My Story:

A few years ago I was just like you.  I didn’t see how I could possibly master the art of playing inspiring guitar solos.  The dream was too big and my idols were too good.  Maybe guitar gods became a phrase because the rest of us mortals simply couldn’t ever learn to play like them. 

I slaved away for years spending most of my practice time noodling around over a few scales never really getting anywhere.  It all seemed so complicated at first but gradually over time, I began to realize that there are only 3 main pillars that make up great guitar solos:

1. Scales

2. Left hand techniques

3. Right hand techniques

After I mastered these 3 pillars, I thrived. 

I’ve been able to play onstage with nearly 100 different singers and groups, I’ve won multiple awards and recognitions including the runner-up prize in a national guitar competition sponsored by Elton John’s guitarist and most importantly, I can plug in and play great guitar solos on-demand

Your Story:

The 3 pillars are not hard to understand.  The problem is that people fail to actually master them.  I know it’s hard to build discipline to practice.  That’s why I made this course.   

In this course I’ll give you access to the exact practices that I used to master the 3 pillars of guitar plus I’ll include a 4th section that shows how build on these pillars to take you from a complete beginner to a master of guitar solos. 

Each lesson is about 5-10mins and will feel as if I literally sat down to practice with you so you won’t have any excuses to get distracted or sidetracked and I’ll answer all your questions as we go through the exercises so you never get stumped.  This will put you in the top 5% of guitarists who actually have a practice schedule so you can improve much quicker than everyone else.   

This course is great for absolute beginners as well as knowledgeable players who just want to get better at playing solos.

So if you’re ready to take your guitar solos to the next level, sign up for the course right now. Or check out the free video previews to learn more about how you can start to master the guitar TODAY. 

Who Should Attend!

  • Guitar players who are eager to learn how to play guitar solos
  • Beginner guitarists ready to level up
  • Intermediate guitarists who want to increase soloing techniques and abilities



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  • Guitar Chords






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