The Simple Secrets of Resilience: Learn How to Be Okay Today

Learn how to bounce back from setbacks, manage your stress levels, be happy in your life and/or career & love your life!

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The Simple Secrets of Resilience: Learn How to Be Okay Today


  Course improved and updated August 2018

Never again allow your happiness to depend on anyone else

Have Fun with All 10 Tried and Tested Exercises

Download the audio's and listen to them when it suits you.

Train Yourself to Overcome Our Natural Negativity Bias

        Monitor your Progress as You Go 

Find Out About the Different Types of Happiness or Emotional Resilience

Learn About Emotions and How They Serve Us

Learn the truth about how your emotional balance is up to you.

Take control of your own emotional balance.

         I will be here to support, advise and encourage you through every aspect of the course. 

I  GUARANTEE that you will benefit positively by engaging in THE well researched and tested exercises to relieve stress, anxiety and even improve the symptoms of clinical depression. And they're fun too. 

        With simple and easy to understand lectures, learn how to take charge of your life by understanding your emotions and about the science of happiness. 

        Measure your own progress as we move through the course so that you can see the improvements in your happiness levels with concrete figures. 

  Content and Overview 

        After several years of studying the latest research on Positive Psychology and The Science of Happiness from the most trusted academic institutions in the world, I designed this course to be usable, fun and effective for everyone. 

We will begin with the Happiness Exercises (Or emotional resilience exercises), where you can have some serious fun with the 10 exercises. And you can download the audios!

We then take a look at some of the theory behind the exercises, although this is kept simple and interesting, no scientific jargon. For example, most people are not aware that there is more than one kind of happiness.

We are all born with an inbuilt bias towards negativity, in other words, we notice the bad stuff first. BUT  you will learn to know when and how to overcome that bias in order to get happy.

        Finally you take a look back over the exercises and I can help you to decide which ones you liked the best and are likely to incorporate into your life from here on in. 

        I am available throughout to answer any questions or help with any problems relating to the course. 

What You Will Learn!

  • Bounce back from upsets quickly
  • Become more self-confident
  • Develop higher self-esteem
  • Take charge of your own happiness using the tools you will have learned and tested for yourself.
  • Never again allow your happiness to depend on others
  • Understand your emotions and how to influence them
  • Understand how your thoughts influence your happiness
  • Become aware of when you are thinking negatively and know how to change that thought pattern
  • Train Yourself to Overcome our natural Negativity Bias
  • Monitor your Progress as You Go

Who Should Attend!

  • If you are usually pretty okay with life, but would like to be happier, then this course is for you.
  • If you feel that you have no control over your happiness, then this course is for you
  • If you are often anxious, stressed or depressed and feel that life is just not fair, then this course is for you
  • If you feel you can only be happy when you reach your goals, then this course is for you.
  • If you find plenty of things to smile and be happy about throughout your day, if you are contented with how things are in your life, but still like to dream about how they will be in the future, then you probably do NOT need this course!



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