Heart Centered Reiki - Angelic Symbols Healing Certification

Spiritually Heal with Angelic Realms, Learn Divine Channeling, Connect with Angels, Angelic Reiki, Symbols Attunement.

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Heart Centered Reiki - Angelic Symbols Healing Certification



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Many energy healers worldwide are witnessing powerful results with their clients by the use of the "54 Angelic Symbols for Healing.” These sacred symbols are keys that open energy fields within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies for their clients. The symbols connect through healing frequencies designed to effectively communicate with the receiver. The symbols are offered for the energy expansion of any style of Reiki, however, are an abridgment to Heart Centered Reiki, a course offered here on Udemy.

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"Without a doubt, the most powerful and deeply effective healing modality I have ever taken. I have been trained in multiple modalities over the last 11 years and I’m so grateful (as are clients) to this beautiful healing process. I’ve seen miraculous transformations within myself and clients." Lisa S.

"This is definitely a master class. The teachings are clear and with detailed information. I found the integration of the energy attunements profound." Lisa M.

• Learn how to channel messages for healing.

• Connect with angelic realms.

• Expand your intuitive abilities.

• Work with universal energy portals.

• Access universal consciousness.

• Be attuned to the 54 Angelic Reiki Symbols.

• Learn to expand your healing gifts.

• Channel Universal energy in more powerful ways.

• Become certified as an Energy Practitioner of Symbol Mastery.

Leslie Paramore, is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, International Author, Intuitive Empath, Life Purpose Coach, and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. She has been working intimately with the 54 Sacred Symbols for the past several years in her private practice and has witnessed powerful results of her sessions on multiple levels.

Blessings & Light,

Leslie Paramore

What You Will Learn!

  • Become certified as an Advanced Heart Centered Reiki Practitioner, by working with ancient angelic symbols.
  • Learn about the power of symbols coupled with Reiki energy healing.
  • Understand the origin of the 54 Sacred Symbols and their unique purposes.
  • Develop your intuitive abilities to channel Reiki with the use of 54 angelic symbols.
  • Be attuned to the 54 Angelic Reiki Symbols & learn to master your spiritual gifts.
  • Learn how to confidently use the 54 Sacred Symbols to heal the multiple bodies.
  • Learn to work and connect energetically with the beautiful angelic realm.
  • Enhance your skills as a powerful empathic healer and intuitive channeler.
  • Expand your energy field for channeling the powerful life force energy of Reiki.
  • Work with energy portals, akashic records records, universal consciousness.

Who Should Attend!

  • Energy Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Spiritual Counselors, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, NLP Practitioners, or anyone interested in learning about the healing world of symbols.



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