Helicopter Flying - Basics and Normal Procedures

Learn the basics of helicopter flight in the comfort of your home!

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Helicopter Flying - Basics and Normal Procedures


Thinking about taking helicopter lessons? Or maybe you are sure you want to learn how to fly a helicopter but it simply exceeds your budget? I will show you the basics of helicopter flight using a flight simulator for your home computer - you will learn how to hover a helicopter, takeoff and land. It's all about content, so in each lesson (except the one "joyflight") I will explain concepts and take you through the respective topic or maneuver step by step.

The training may take place in a simulator, but I am using real-world procedures on the Robinson R44 helicopter, using all the knowledge I gained during my real helicopter flight training and my flight instructor experience. If you are a helicopter student pilot you can also use this course to improve your skills.

The helicopter used for most of the training is a basic one, a Robinson R44. This is a helicopter that is used in real-world basic flight training and the aircraft I have my actual flying experience in. I think it does not make any sense learning the basics of flight in an advanced, complex helicopter.

Flight simulator used: X-Plane

Sceneries: Quatam River, Allan Burrows, Kodiak Island, Innsbruck, Vöslau

Images and additional PDF resources are from the FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook (Public Domain)

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn to fly helicopters in a flight simulator based on real world procedures
  • Normal procedures
  • Basic helicopter operations like hovering, takeoff, landing etc.

Who Should Attend!

  • People interested in aviation and/or helicopters
  • Helicopter student pilots
  • Flight Simulator enthusiasts



  • Aviation






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