How to Create a Webbook Using a WordPress Theme & Plugin

Use a WordPress Theme, Plugin, and Custom CSS to Build a Webbook for Business Marketing and Promotion

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How to Create a Webbook Using a WordPress Theme & Plugin


Webbooks are the new thing in marketing today. Pioneered in the education field, clever marketers are today using webbooks as lead magnets to attract more prospects and build their list. 

Webbooks are very flexible and can be used for:

  • Training;
  • Education;
  • Sales information;
  • Online brochures;
  • Long-form journalism;
  • Porfolio demonstration;
  • The promotion of political, business, and scientific ideas.

They are just so flexible!!

In this short course, you will learn how to build your very own webbook from scratch. In a matter of hours, you can have your own webbook live and working for you and your business.

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What You Will Learn!

  • Students will be able to immediately implement what they learn. They will be able to: know how to obtain web hosting and a domain; create a subdomain; install wordpress and activate it; install a plugin and activate it and work with it; remove theme material not needed; copy and paste CSS Code into the customizer panel; create and link menus to parts of a document; upload and insert text, graphics and multimedia; create a static page and have it 'read' properly
  • Students will learn how to quickly create webbooks and have them working to promote their company, product, service, or stories.

Who Should Attend!

  • People who work in areas of organizations where skills in website management and marketing are needed.
  • People working in marketing who are looking for an online promotional tool that is educational, flexible, and interactive
  • People who work at any level who's responsibility is to 'update the company website', or managing the businesses online presence.



  • WordPress
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes






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