How to get the elusive French Profession Libérale Visa

The straight talking guide about how to move to and start a business in France

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How to get the elusive French Profession Libérale Visa


A Path to Long-term Residency and Citizenship in France

After selling my business in the United States, it took all my ingenuity and personal desire to come to France on my own, without knowing anyone, having any job prospects, or even speaking the language well.  I didn't know that there was a visa for someone like me, an entrepreneur, mostly because the French government didn't advertise for it.  All these years later, it still doesn't.  But that didn't stop me.  I put together a long-term visitor visa dossier, and started my life in France without any right to build a business.

But, two years later, having built my network and gained knowledge, I realized that there was another path I could take, and I switched from a visitor visa to a Profession Libérale visa.  This visa allowed me to build a small business in France, get a four-year residence card, and be well on my way to citizenship.  Many of those who had been following my journey through my blog about moving to France (The American in Paris) were fascinated by this opportunity and many hired me to consult on their visa applications.  All the people who followed my instructions have obtained their visas too, and as such, have started in France essentially two years ahead of me, as it took me two years of hard-earned knowledge to move to a Profession Libérale visa.

No Real Info from the French government

Information from the French government for this visa remains spotty, particularly in English, and blogs addressing the challenges of applying for this visa are starting to appear, but none of them in the detail that I go into in this course.  What this course offers is all of the information I would give to a one-on-one client, but if I had an entire day to speak with them (along with a leisurely French lunch or dinner, of course!).  After taking this course you will:

  • Have a grasp of the basic mentality of French bureaucracy and replace your fear and uncertainty with confidence and strength.

  • Be fully briefed on the materials and documents you need to successfully obtain a Profession Libérale visa, and even more importantly, renew one.  You'll also receive examples of my successful cover letters and letters of interest which you can use as templates to build your own.

  • Understand that a Profession Libérale visa is NOT a "work visa" but rather a visa that allows you to build a freelance business.

  • Know the things that you should have and bring to your appointment that are not on the official list.

  • Know what you need to do as soon as you hit the ground in France, the agencies you need to visit and register with, how to get into the French health care system, and what you'll need to do in the twelve months to better integrate into a life in your new country, not just as a resident, but as a business owner.

  • Have some insider tips based on my own successes and failures.

One of a kind

While there are many who have gone through this process with at least as much success as I have, few have taken the time to document. Even fewer have dealt with hundreds of people over the years who have come to my website with questions at every level.  I've had to find and share resources, the process of which has made what I'm carrying in my head all the more valuable, and why it was so important for me to finally empty that information out into a course that would be useful and valuable to those who now had access to platforms like Udemy so they can obtain knowledge that simply wasn't available when I went through the process.  I want to put you ahead of the game.

What You Will Learn!

  • Important mindsets for dealing with French bureaucracy
  • Critical documents needed and steps for the residential component of your application
  • Critical documents needed and steps for the business component of your application
  • How to determine your emigration and immigration timeline
  • What to do about your housing situation as you transition
  • Home country logistics and items to which you should pay attention
  • What they don't tell you: documents, processes, and other important information
  • How to conduct yourself in interviews
  • Requirements of and critical documents needed for your renewal
  • Options for staying long-term and/ or becoming a citizen

Who Should Attend!

  • English speaking persons interested in learning how to obtain a French Profession Libérale visa
  • People who know that they are interested in being in France for the long term, and want to start living AND working there from Day 1
  • Persons who have already started their visa application, but are confused by conflicting information on the internet
  • Persons who have already obtained a visa but aren't sure what to do after that
  • Persons who have a French long term stay visa, but want to explore alternate options
  • People who want to be a on a citizenship path, which the long-term visitor visa doesn't allow for
  • People who love starting businesses and are not interested in getting a job in France



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