How to Get Familiar with Powtoon, Tutorials for Dummies

This course will teach you how to get familiar with Powtoon and make professional videos with ease using it.

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How to Get Familiar with Powtoon, Tutorials for Dummies


Videos have huge impact on how target audience gets engaged with brands, join in social communities or become great brand advocates, you name it. The benefits that videos can bring to businesses are huge and unpredictable. However, producing fantastic videos is tough and requires much time and resources. Even when you have put a lot of efforts into creating awesome videos, it’s not a guarantee that you will get positive results.

Fortunately, using Powtoon, you can create amazing videos in next to no time, which also saves you a great deal of money.

This sounds too good to be true, right?

Enroll in this course now and we’ll show you how. 

Before learning this part, you should take this course How to Make More Professional Videos (FREE to access for students who enroll in this course, see bonus lecture) to learn step by step to create explainer videos.

What You Will Learn!

  • Know about Powtoon services and pricing
  • Working with Powtoon dashboard, library and cloud studio.
  • How to create an explainer video using Powtoon.

Who Should Attend!

  • Whether you’re Solopreneurs, savvy marketers, freelancers, copywriters, consultants, trainers, teachers or small business owners looking for an efficient way to create amazing presentations and videos on your own, this course is for you.



  • Cartoon Drawing






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