Improve Piano Sight Reading - Mentally Hear Music from Score

Master ADVANCED SIGHT READING with simple exercises designed to start reading the score on absolutely new level

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Improve Piano Sight Reading - Mentally Hear Music from Score


* NEW 2021 course is out - 'Mastery of Piano Technique for advanced pianists', which incorporates all of the teaching of this course in much better quality and with more information. In this new course you will study the foundation elements of tone production - mental practice (sound imagination & internal singing) and physical approach (posture, arm weight, wrist & elbow motion). By the end of 30 days practice you will be able to play a simple piece of music with relaxed hands, flexible wrists, arm weight, controlling your tone as well as your finger muscles.


Now, back to this course -

In this course we focus on the basic principles of mental practice - training ability to hear all the notes that are written in the score in our inner musical ear/in our head.

You will master -

1. Pre-hearing one note at a time by just looking at the score

2. Imagining notes sequentially - connecting the notes

3. Imagining polyphonic texture - all the notes simultaneously in BH, intervals or chords

4. Establishing a good connection between sound imagination and sensations in hand muscles so while sight reading hands would simply follow the fluency of your imagination

Sight Reading Practice that prepares students to read music scores more fluently consists of 30 minutes inner musical ear training (IMET) routine and 10 minutes of sight reading. It is advised to make at least 10 sessions of such practice before trying to actually sight reading music.



2. IMET - Sight reading practice

  • IMET (right hand practice)

  • IMET (left hand practice)

  • IMET (both hands practice) + a few tips for sight reading

What You Will Learn!

  • fluency in hearing all the notes in the head
  • fluency in mental reading the score
  • fluency in sight reading (hearing music ahead and reading "in chunks")

Who Should Attend!

  • intermediate level and above (the course is not teaching how to read the notes!)
  • advanced pianists who are stuck in their level of sight reading



  • Blues Piano
  • Piano
  • Piano Chords
  • Gospel Piano






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