Interview Ready Research: Success In Your MBA Job Search

Learn how to use tools effectively to gain insight for industry & company research. Succeed in networking & interviews!

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Interview Ready Research: Success In Your MBA Job Search


The course will cover the tools to help you succeed in upcoming conversations with potential employers.

Are you interviewing in a competitive marketplace? MBA students and alumni have successful benefited from my courses. You can too!

Learn the tools to:

  • Get the concepts of why research in crucial to the job search process
  • Research public and private companies
  • Build target lists
  • Use LinkedIn as a contact generation tool
  • Understand industry trends and outlooks
  • Discover tools that will "push" information to you for a variety of sectors
As a researcher for a top tier MBA program, I have worked with thousands of MBAs in executing their job search. I have also met with recruiters to understand how they review candidates. Research is a key component in the process. Save time by GOING BEYOND GOOGLE in this course.

What You Will Learn!

  • Preparing for an interview is stressful. You want to make sure you stand out from the competition. Interview Ready Research will give you the tools you need to prepare for your upcoming business interview. By the end of this course you will feel confident walking in to ANY interview because you will have prepared appropriately!

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is meant for ANYONE who is or will be going on an interview(s) in the near future that needs a better understanding of the industry and functional roles. Pre-MBAs, current MBAs and alumni MBAs have benefited greatly from this course!



  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Search
  • Research Methods






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