Introduction to the language of tax

basic terminology and concepts related to the area of tax law

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Introduction to the language of tax

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn or review fundamental vocabulary/terminology related to tax
  • Learn or review most important collocations related to tax
  • Learn or review most important prepositions related to tax
  • Practice and perfect listening, reading and comprehension skills based on videos and readings that discuss relevant tax issues


A quick practical introduction to the area of tax law with focus on key terminology, collocations, prepositions and reading/listening comprehension based on current global tax issues.

You will learn key terminology related to both personal taxation; corporate taxation; VAT or GST terminology; audit terminology, etc. You will perfect your reading comprehension skills based on a VAT related reading based on the UK Tax Code. Similarly, you will also perfect your listening / video comprehension skills based on two videos dealing with current global controversial tax issues: the first one relating to Amazon's corporate taxation issues and the second related to Apple's corporate taxation battle with the European Union.

This mini course is not intended to go in-depth into any of the above mentioned tax related areas and issues, but rather, provide you with the very basics to be able to speak, read and understand content related to basic tax.

The approach is rather practical with an introductory session of approx. 80 minutes accompanied by a pdf script of everything said in the video along with key exercises in order to put the theory into practice. All the materials mentioned in the video are attached as resources in each of the 5 Lectures.

Feel also free to leave your comments and thoughts related to the tax issues raised in the course, particularly in the two video comprehension excercises on the course forum.

Who Should Attend!

  • The course is intended for both business and legal professionals as well as university or college students seeking to expand or check their knowledge in the area of basic tax



  • Business English






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