Is University for You?

Should you go - or stay - what to study, and how to succeed

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Is University for You?


There are incentives and pressures to go to university or college—from governments, corporations, families and universities in competition for students. Many students enter college with an inaccurate view of academic life. They are deeply disappointed, even miserable, when they find university is not what they expected. So they drop out.

This course is designed to prepare you so that if you decide to go to university you will be more likely to enjoy the experience and achieve your goals. The course might also change your mind about going, if you think that other directions would be better for you at this time.

If you are already enrolled, or part way through a degree, this course will teach you how to proceed with confidence should you decide to continue your studies.

If you are a parent and your child is about to start college, this course will give both of you answers to questions, and address doubts or concerns you may have.

Whether to go to university or not raises big questions for many people, including...

  1. Should you invest years of your life, energy and money—and incur student loan debt—to get a qualification?

  2. Will your degree lead to the work you want?

  3. Will your occupation give your life meaning and purpose?

  4. If you study what you really love, will you be able to earn a living?

  5. If you are already at university, should you stay?

  6. If you do stay, should you change your area of study, institution or learning strategy?

In this course you will learn...

  • What university is like, really—beyond the hype

  • If you've got what it takes to succeed with academic work

  • How to remove the mystery from literacy, numeracy and critical thinking

  • How to play the university game successfully

  • How to find the best institution and course for you

  • Whether to study full-time, part-time, online or on campus

  • How to cultivate 'inner solutions', such as mindfulness, for fulfilment and success

Is University for You? takes a highly unusual approach to the university question. It does not assume that attending university is the key to success or the right path for everyone. Instead, the course helps you determine if there is a good 'fit' between what you really want and what universities are really like.

What makes Peter qualified to teach you?

As a multi-award-winning teacher of university students—and pre-university students—Peter has decades of experience helping students prepare for and flourish in the academy.

Having studied and taught at several universities in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United States, Peter knows the strengths and shortcomings of universities—their allure and their traps. He understands students' aspirations and doubts. He helps students build self-confidence, see things differently and change habits. Under Peter's guidance, students are inspired; they get turned on to learning and to life.

Here, for example, is what a few of his students say:

“The big thing about Peter's tutorial for me was confidence, discovering I have the ability and motivation to achieve academic goals I had thought beyond me.” — Matthew Jethon

“I cannot overemphasise the importance of Peter's passions to my academic performance. Peter is a teacher who listens actively and is one of few educators who truly practice what they preach. He is genuinely interested in the thoughts of his students. He uses their opinions to challenge his own. We were all equal in his class. I have never been closer to a real, academic experience I could sink my teeth into.” — Emily Williamson

“With your guidance, I pushed myself to explore positions in life I would have kept closed to. I would never have explored opposing views or opinions, or at least not critically, and I feel that without your helpful challenges or your offers of papers/articles to read and review, I probably would not have followed my life-long dream of studying physics. For that I thank you, and I hope you touch more lives the way you have touched mine.” — Sam Milburn

“I realised that my dreams were in fact not mine. I felt empowered by you to reassess my goals for the future... Each week delivered me a new lesson in resilience and made me aware of how important a well-balanced psychological core is in getting the most out of life. I changed my degree to Psychology... I hope to be as impacting in others’ lives as you have been in mine. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bettering not only mine but also my children's lives with your teaching.” — Daniel Newman

Peter's promise to you

This course will help you make better decisions and replace confusion with clarity. It will prepare you to take the best 'fork in the road' for you, and to enjoy the journey.

Peter will be with you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about the course you can always post a question in the course or send a direct message.

With the 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying out the course.

Go ahead and click the enrol button and we'll see you in the first session.

What You Will Learn!

  • What universities are really like—beyond the hype
  • How to find and honour your dreams and callings
  • How to gauge the benefits and costs of going—or staying if you are already there
  • How to choose wisely from the many university and study options available
  • How to play the university game successfully
  • How to demystify literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and other academic bogeymen

Who Should Attend!

  • Recent or soon-to-be high school graduates
  • Mature-age people considering going to university
  • University students seeking meaning and purpose
  • University students with questions or doubts
  • Parents of students about to go to university or considering going



  • Career Development
  • Career Change
  • Education
  • Study Skills






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