Java Certification : OCP (1Z0-809) Exam Simulation [2021]

Pass the Oracle Certified Professional(OCP): Java SE 8 Programmer II EXAM

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Java Certification : OCP (1Z0-809) Exam Simulation [2021]


Are you ready to pass OCP- Java SE 8 Programmer II certification and prove your competency to recruiters and employers alike?

The practice test questions have already helped 88 students to pass the 1Z0-809 exam.

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1.  Aleksey [13-Feb-2021]

2.  Bryan Arce [05-Jan-2021]


1.  Barış Vural [31-Dec-2020]

2.  Wladimir López [19-Dec-2020]

3.  Michiel H [11-Dec-2020]

4.  Mohammad Motieian Najar [11-Dec-2020]

5.  Viettn24 Tiến [08-Dec-2020]

6.  Bruno Damasceno [02-Dec-2020]

7.  BohanXiao [30-Nov-2020]

8.  Arvind Kumar

9.  Andrew

10. Dmytro Hlomozda

11. Adam DeJans Jr.

12. Kuntal

13. Allabaksh S.K

14. Claire Bit

15. Gemma Carravilla

16. Dmytro Khmil

17. Thabang Rabapane

18. Kamogelo Mphela

19. Zwivhuya Khoza

20. Lok Prakash Pandey

21. Formoso Antoine

22. Ozgur Aslan

23. Felix Garcia Lainez

24. Luis Fernando

25. Stoyan Todorov

26. Lerato

27. Jaroslavas

28. Able Antony

29. Jeff Chee

30. Kevin McClung

31. Lorenzo Vicente Grimaldi Velasco

32. Nagabushan Kampli

33. Carly

34. Dariusz Kulig

35. Gabriel Valdes

36. Gargi Singh


1.  Иван [02-Dec-2019]

2.  Pedro Paulo Orso [29-Nov-2019]

3.  Aneesh Mistry [25-Nov-2019]

4.  Richard Osseweyer [19-Nov-2019]

5.  Errabi Ayoub [07-Nov-2019]

6.  Dragana Popovic [05-Nov-2019]

7.  Ronald Visser [01-Nov-2019]

8.  Tofan Costel

9.  Ian Cavanaugh

10. Shuyu Zhang

11. Kyrylo Hordienko

12. Claudiomerli

13. Andrés Solé castillo

14. Marija Dukic

15. Bhargava Nallani

16. Nhat Tang

17. Masimba Kachena

18. Aleydin Karaimin

19. Luis Perez

20. Hrvoje Kozacinski

21. Kyi

22. Fabrizio Catapano

23. Adriana Giuliano

24. André Wiechens

25. Thomas F Grady

26. Mateusz Przybylski

27. Jan Nawa

28. Sebastian Jakubiak

29. Michał Hasan Rowicki

30. Janos Dobi

31. Aung Khant Nyar

32. Vinicius Henrique Pinheiro

33. Octavio Ranieri

34. Ramón Carrasco Muñoz

35. Alin Idomir


1.  Anonymous User

2.  Rafal Michalak

3.  Igor Gindin

4.  Alessandro Lopes Panaro

5.  Purushotham C K

6.  Aoeu-It

7.  Biswas

8.  Dimitar Tomov

9.  Евстафий

10. Sarah Tabea Paulus

11. Anas P.M

12. Ricardo Vieira Marques Fonseca

13. Toshiaki Ezaki

14. Maryia Hurkova

15. Moytri Barman

See what fellow students are saying: 

11-Dec-2020: "Just got my OCP8 certification. This is definitely a good practice material, and gave me an idea of what I should expect on the actual exam. Thank you" - Mohammad Motieian Najar

08-Dec-2020: "Amazing course. I pass OCP (1Z0-809) yesterday (08/12/2020 - 83%). Thank you so much!......." - Viettn24 Tiến

08-Sep-2020: "I passed the OCP, and one important reason was these tests for sure. The explanations you see for each question is the best you ll see as compared to any mocks out there in market. So done with both OCA and OCP, thanks to Udayan :)" - Allabaksh S.K

10-Jul-2020: "I want to say thank you for providing us with this course it is really helpful when it comes to preparing for the real exam. I'm proud to say I got 80% because of this course and the other one of topic-based tests. THANK YOU SIR" - Zwivhuya Khoza

29-Jun-2020: "Ces mocks exams abordent tous les sujets que vous pourrez retrouver dans l'examen OCP." - Formoso Antoine

16-Apr-2020: "Ha sido la mejor elección para poder realizar exámenes de practica los cuales ayudan en gran manera para poder pasar los exámenes finales en tu certificación. 100% recomendado!!" - Luis Fernando

10-Jan-2020: "Very nice practice exams. Very similar to the actual exam. It also gives very good explanations as to why the answer is correct or incorrect. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to pass the OCP exam!" - Carly

09-Jan-2020: "Yesterday I passed my OCP exam (80%) and these tests were very helpful. Also I would recommend Boyarski book and Udayans topic wise tests." - Dariusz Kulig

06-Jan-2020: "Very accurate questions and well explained answers. This course help me a lot to achieve my OCP 8. Fully recommended course." - Gabriel Valdes

01-Jan-2020: "Good series of mock tests" - Gargi Singh

25-Nov-2019: "The practice questions very closely reflect the real questions, and even the corner cases. If you can pass these you will pass the real thing. Thank you Udayan for providing an excellent resource" - Aneesh Mistry

19-Nov-2019: "Awesome course. Questions were sometimes very tough, but OCP is a mean and wide-ranging exam, so you have to prepare yourself for all the pitfalls that may be waiting for you on the real exam. This course will surely help. After finishing I read all the exhaustive explanations - some of them covering more than a page, even for the questions that I answered correctly, then going back to the course books or the online Java API to look up what I may have missed. Eventually I passed the real exam with a 85% score, which was about 10% higher than my practicing average. I would recommend this course wholeheartedly to any aspiring or seasoned Java developer, even if you do not intend to go for the real exam, for it undoubtedly will strengthen your understanding and make you a much better developer. Besides that, it's always fun solving riddles. Definitely worth a 5 star." - Richard Osseweyer

07-Nov-2019: "Thanks , this course helped me get my certificate !" - Errabi Ayoub

11-Sep-2019: "Really helped me to be prepared to the real exam. Good training!" - Kyrylo Hordienko

03-Sep-2019: "I've just passed OCP with 87% score! Thank you for your course!" - Andrés Solé Castillo

20-Aug-2019: "Excellent course, great and detailed explanations. Helped me a lot in preparing for exam. I've gained 82% on real exam. Big thanks to the teacher!" - Marija Dukic

03-Aug-2019: "Passed the OCP exam today after finished this course! Questions in this course have clear explanations & very easy to understand. Especially the instructor always responses very fast to all questions from student. Thank you Udayan for sharing your experience!" - Nhat Tang

02-May-2019: "It is very worth to buy and practice for preparing OCP exam. I got some confidence to take exam after practicing this course. And I also satisfy with my passing score." - Kyi

19-Apr-2019: "This was a perfect study companion for my OCP certification." - Thomas F Grady

16-Apr-2019: "I just passed 1z0-809, real life score 88%. In most of those tests I got around 55%. 2 days before actual exam I took one test again - I got 70%. It was useful for preparation :)" - Mateusz Przybylski

29-Jan-2019: "Very useful for the real exam, besides that Udayan is a very good teacher and it will clarify your questions if you have any. Cleared real exam with 95%." - Octavio Ranieri

18-Jan-2019: "This exam simulation helped me to prepare OCP Certification test. Instructor's feedback are always quick and contain very detailed explanations and instructions. I've already passed the test with 90%." - Ramón Carrasco Muñoz

15-Jan-2019: "The course was one of the best, it really taught me a lot of things and I managed to get the OCP with 80%. I studied for about 4 months and was happy with this result. Thank you a lot Udayan for your efforts. Students I advice you to get this product, because it will increase your chances to take the exam, but also to learn a lot of things that you don't find in another materials." - Alin Idomir

14-Dec-2018: "I pass the exam today, 85%. This course was very helpful." - Igor Gindin

23-Nov-2018: "This course helped me a lot about type of questions one can ask in OCP exams. Each and every corner of core java has been explored in a very crispy manner! I scored 92% in the exam that I took few days back. It's a very good preparation course for all OCP aspirants. Thanks a lot!" - Purushotham C K

02-Oct-2018: "I just passed the OCP and used this course for practice. It was definitely a good addition to other practice materials, so I can recommend it to others: - All questions are new, I didn't recognize any from the other mock exams. - Some questions deal with corner cases and help you to start thinking and understanding the topics more deeply. - The explanations are detailed and precise." - Sarah Tabea Paulus

03-Sep-2018: "Very good for Exam preperation. Cleared OCP . Thanks Udayan for your effort." - Anas P.M

13-Aug-2018: "Thoughtful set of exercises which help to build a broad knowledge base for the exam."  - Ricardo Vieira Marques Fonseca

11-Jul-2018: "Today I have passed my exam basically studying through this content. I definitely recommend this tests." - Toshiaki Ezaki

09-Jul-2018: "Thanks a lot!I like this set of tests. It's various and cover all topics of the exam. It's rather difficult but it is a positive thing. I have passed my exam with 83%. I definitely recommend this tests." - Maryia Hurkova

16-Jun-2018: "After taking tests from Udayan Course, I got a lot of clarity in Stream, JDBC, Java Concurrency, and Class Design Concept. I scored 81% in the real examination. All the six mock tests must help anyone to get a good score. I am sure if anyone follows this course (mock examinations), he/she will gain a lot of knowledge, undoubtedly."  - Moytri Barman

OCP - Java SE 8 Programmer II - Exam Information:

  • Exam Code: 1Z0-809

  • Duration: 150 minutes

  • Questions #: 85 (Multiple Choice / Multiple Select)

  • Passing score: 65% 

Exam Curriculum:

Java Class Design

  • Implement encapsulation

  • Implement inheritance including visibility modifiers and composition

  • Implement polymorphism

  • Override hashCode, equals, and toString methods from Object class

  • Create and use singleton classes and immutable classes

  • Develop code that uses static keyword on initialize blocks, variables, methods, and classes

Advanced Java Class Design

  • Develop code that uses abstract classes and methods

  • Develop code that uses the final keyword

  • Create inner classes including static inner class, local class, nested class, and anonymous inner class

  • Use enumerated types including methods, and constructors in an enum type

  • Develop code that declares, implements and/or extends interfaces and use the @Override annotation.

  • Create and use Lambda expressions

Generics and Collections

  • Create and use a generic class

  • Create and use ArrayList, TreeSet, TreeMap, and ArrayDeque objects

  • Use java.util.Comparator and java.lang.Comparable interfaces

  • Collections Streams and Filters

  • Iterate using forEach methods of Streams and List

  • Describe Stream interface and Stream pipeline

  • Filter a collection by using lambda expressions

  • Use method references with Streams

Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces

  • Use  the built-in interfaces included in the java.util.function package such as Predicate, Consumer, Function, and Supplier

  • Develop code that uses primitive versions of functional interfaces

  • Develop code that uses binary versions of functional interfaces

  • Develop code that uses the UnaryOperator interface

Java Stream API

  • Develop code to extract data from an object using peek() and map() methods including primitive versions of the map() method

  • Search for data by using search methods of the Stream classes including findFirst, findAny, anyMatch, allMatch, noneMatch

  • Develop code that uses the Optional class

  • Develop code that uses Stream data methods and calculation methods

  • Sort a collection using Stream API

  • Save results to a collection using the collect method and group/partition data using the Collectors class

  • Use flatMap() methods in the Stream API

Exceptions and Assertions

  • Use try-catch and throw statements

  • Use catch, multi-catch, and finally clauses

  • Use Autoclose resources with a try-with-resources statement

  • Create custom exceptions and Auto-closeable resources

  • Test invariants by using assertions

Use Java SE 8 Date/Time API

  • Create and manage date-based and time-based events including a combination of date and time into a single object using LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime, Instant, Period, and Duration

  • Work with dates and times across timezones and manage changes resulting from daylight savings including Format date and times values

  • Define and create and manage date-based and time-based events using Instant, Period, Duration, and TemporalUnit

Java I/O Fundamentals

  • Read and write data from the console

  • Use BufferedReader, BufferedWriter, File, FileReader, FileWriter, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream, ObjectInputStream, and PrintWriter in the IO package.

Java File I/O (NIO.2)

  • Use Path interface to operate on file and directory paths

  • Use Files class to check, read, delete, copy, move, manage metadata of a file or directory

  • Use Stream API with NIO.2

Java Concurrency

  • Create worker threads using Runnable, Callable and use an ExecutorService to concurrently execute tasks

  • Identify potential threading problems among deadlock, starvation, livelock, and race conditions

  • Use synchronized keyword and java.util.concurrent.atomic package to control the order of thread execution

  • Use java.util.concurrent collections and classes including CyclicBarrier and CopyOnWriteArrayList

  • Use parallel Fork/Join Framework

  • Use parallel Streams including reduction, decomposition, merging processes, pipelines and performance.

Building Database Applications with JDBC

  • Describe the interfaces that make up the core of the JDBC API including the Driver, Connection, Statement, and ResultSet interfaces and their relationship to provider implementations

  • Identify the components required to connect to a database using the DriverManager class including the JDBC URL

  • Submit queries and read results from the database including creating statements, returning result sets, iterating through the results, and properly closing result sets, statements, and connections


  • Read and set the locale by using the Locale object

  • Create and read a Properties file

  • Build a resource bundle for each locale and load a resource bundle in an application

Practice tests are randomized to give a real examination feel. All topics listed above are divided appropriately in 6 tests consisting 90 questions each i.e., 540 questions in total. Questions are designed based on real examination questions in terms of pattern and complexity. All Exam topics and sub-topics are covered.

Explanation of all the correct answers is also provided for reference and understanding. Relevant hints and how to approach a question in real examination setting is also provided in explanation.

Successful completion of all the tests will boost your confidence to attempt Oracle Certified Professional -Java SE 8 Programmer II examination. 

More information on detailed curriculum and assumptions to be followed for examination are available on oracle certification page.

NOTE: Each practice test of this course contains questions on all the exam topics, similar to what is expected in real exam. But if you prefer to solve topic-wise questions, then enroll in my other course titled "Java Certification - OCP (1Z0-809) Topic-wise Tests [2021]", which contains the same questions arranged in topic-wise manner. 

Disclaimer: These questions are not real examination questions / dumps. These questions  are created to evaluate your preparation for certification exam. 

So, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and test your Exam Preparation.

Features of Practice Tests:

  • You can pause the test at any time and resume later.

  • You can retake the test as many times as you would like.

  • The progress bar at the top of the screen will show your progress as well as the time remaining in the test. If you run out of time, don’t worry; you will still be able to finish the test.

  • You can skip a question to come back to at the end of the exam.

  • You can also use “Mark for Review” to come back to questions you are unsure about before you submit your test.

  • If you want to finish the test and see your results immediately, press the stop button. 

What You Will Learn!

  • Confidently appear in OCP (1Z0-809) certification exam
  • Know the pattern of tricky questions asked in OCP exam
  • Conceptual understanding of Java concpets and APIs through clear explanation of each and every question

Who Should Attend!

  • Students preparing for OCP (1Z0-809) Certification
  • Anyone who wants to test his Java Knowledge
  • Anyone Preparing for Java Interviews



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