Introduction to knitting: A different, fun and fast way to knit. Designed for beginners knitter in one accessible course

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Develop your skills by making actual knitted items, designed to be flexible and newbie friendly.

  • Learn the 4 most common, patterned stitches and how to invent your own.

  • Master techniques like increasing and decreasing through course, designed exclusively for this course.

  • Delight your friends and family with 7 personalized, handmade knits.

  • Understand how to read knitting patterns and even create your own patterned charts.

This Knitting course the continental knitting style, which is considered a faster and more accurate way of knitting by many who have tried it. It is especially easy for people who crochet, since we use the left hand to deliver the yarn. We cover short tail cast on, knitting and purling continental style, as well as several cast-off options. Students will explore many tips and tricks to keep the practice fun and are inspired to create their own style and designs.

Materials Needed: US size 8 knitting needles, 2 skeins Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Cabernet (or color of your choice); 1 skein Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Lavender (or color of your choice), 1 skein Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Camel (or color of your choice), 1 skein Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Denim (or color of your choice), yarn needle.

What You Will Learn!

  • Students who have completed this course will be able to approach knitting patterns with confidence and have the knowledge to create unique knitted items.
  • Knit beginner patterns with confidence.
  • Understand how to read knitting patterns and charts.
  • Follow any pattern and correct their own mistakes
  • All the basic knitting techniques - Knit, Purl, Cast On, Cast Off, Increase, Decrease.
  • Cast on, knit ,purl and cast off Continental Style and complete an easy project

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who want to doing Knitting.
  • This course is appropriate for beginner through advanced knitters. No prior knitting experience is necessary.
  • New knitters who want to add structure to what they are learning themselves
  • Brand new wannabie knitters
  • Beginner knitters who are struggling with basic skills



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