Learn Fingerstyle Guitar & Read Music - Beginners Course

Master finger-style guitar while you learn to read music - for absolute beginners or players who want to add new skills

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Learn Fingerstyle Guitar & Read Music - Beginners Course


Whether you are a beginner, or perhaps know a few chords, this 4-hour Fingerstyle Guitar Course teaches you the basics, then goes step-by-step to the joys of playing Finger-style Guitar. Learn right-hand fingerpicking, left-hand fretting and get simple effective instructions on how to read guitar music. Along the way, you'll learn single-note melodies, then progress to 3 and 4 finger patterns, as well as strumming & arpeggio styles.

Stop Dreaming & Start Playing Finger-style Guitar With a Proven Method!

·         This Level 1 course is for the total beginner, or if you already play, it eases you into Fingerstyle & Music Reading - the skills you've been meaning to learn!

·         Solve 2 of the biggest problems many guitarists struggle with—reading guitar music & learning Fingerstyle.

·         Pick up professional habits of guitar playing as you learn Finger Patterns, Strumming Patterns, Arpeggio & Chord Techniques.

Fingerstyle Guitar Playing Sounds Great and is Fun. You Will Be Amazed at What You Can Learn in 30 Days.

Fingerstyle guitar playing has a long history, from Bach to the Beatles. While there are many approaches and styles, you need to first master some basics. This Level 1 course takes you through the basics of playing Single Notes, Arpeggios, Carter Style, Travis Picking and "Boom Chick" Chords as well as some classical guitar techniques that are at the core of this method.

If you are just starting out, you can learn all the fundamentals: right hand and left hand techniques, correct posture and body mechanics, chord construction and transitions. This, as well as strumming and arpeggio techniques and how to read guitar music.

Do you already know some chords and strumming?  Great! You'll be able to quickly advance your fingerpicking and reading skills through the thorough, step-by-step foundational lessons provided in this course.

More of the Music/Fingerstyle Instruction covered:

· Smooth Chord-Changing Techniques

· Keeping Good Time and Rhythm

· Making the Best Fingering Choices

· Key Signatures, Note Values & Rests

· Recognizing and Naming Basic Chords

You will also be given play-along backing tracks to practice your new Fingerstyle Guitar skills.

Are you serious about learning Fingerstyle?  Get started now!

Enroll in Learn Fingerstyle Guitar & Read Music in Beginners Course and start picking your way to Fingerstyle Mastery.

What You Will Learn!

  • Amaze yourself with your newfound fingerstyle playing skills using thumb and 3 fingers
  • Impress others with how you can play different fingerstyle techniques
  • Stand out of the crowd as someone who can read and play Guitar from Sheet Music
  • Hold your own among among other musicians with your newfound understanding, reading and playing skills

Who Should Attend!

  • Absolute beginners who want to play fingerstyle
  • Players who want to READ, PLAY & WRITE music on guitar
  • Existing "pick" or plectrum guitar players who want to learn fingerstyle techniques
  • Anyone who wants to develop technique, music reading and theory together in easy steps



  • Fingerstyle Guitar
  • Reading Music






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