Learn iSpring Quiz Maker, Desktop Tool for Online Quizzes

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Learn iSpring Quiz Maker, Desktop Tool for Online Quizzes


The e-learning content specialist or a content developer primarily designs or develops digital learning content in all its forms - tutorials, simulations, games, assessments, videos, podcasts, troubleshooting guides and simple reference material. Due to the current shortage of E-learning developer professionals becomes a rewarding career path.

Make interactive assessments with no effort. Choose from 24 question types, and configure branching, flexible scoring, and testing rules.Delight learners with infinite control over 'look and feel' and the ability to create your own interactions.This course provides you with everything you need to create compelling e-Learning quizzes with iSpring Quiz Maker.   

The video lectures will help you quickly learn about the iSpring Quiz Maker tool right from scratch, you will learn in detail about understanding their highly interactive interface, screen familiarization, understanding sequence and a lot more interesting stuff in this tool.

What You Will Learn!

  • Know various options available to create an assessment / Quiz in iSpring Quiz Maker
  • Create compelling eLearning module with the help of iSpring Quiz Maker
  • Make quizzes to learner retention about a taught topic
  • Study in detail about understanding their highly interactive quiz making interface

Who Should Attend!

  • Teachers & educators
  • Trainers & training managers
  • Product & project managers
  • Instructional designers & content developers
  • Marketing & communication professionals
  • Students who wish to learn Elucidat



  • Content Creation






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