Podcast in The Classroom - Kindergarten to High School

How to Engage your Students on Their Smartphones, iPads and Computers

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Podcast in The Classroom - Kindergarten to High School


Podcasting in the classroom can be a powerful methodology for 

  • Engaging your students
  • Introducing students to multimedia
  • Keeping parents informed
  • Helping students review or 
  • Assisting absent students to stay up-to-date
  • Review Teacher performance
  • Communicate between Administrative staff and Teacher
  • And much more

In this fast-paced, fun teacher training course, Dave Bullis and Scott Paton take you through the process of using podcasts in the classroom.

We cover specific issues that teachers may face as their start their Podcasts. These include: Copyright issues, Privacy issues, Resistance from the Administration and more.

Discover the many ways Podcasting can be integrated into your curriculum as a teaching tool. And with so many students having their own smartphones, they can easily be listening to podcasts created by the teaching staff or their fellow students.

 Over one billion people have subscribed to podcasts and the chances are your students are already listening to them.

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand how teachers can use a Podcast to increase communication with their students, substitute teachers, and parents
  • Create an oral history for their class
  • Engage Students and Parents at a deeper level

Who Should Attend!

  • K -12 Teachers
  • K - 12 Parents
  • K -`12 Administrators



  • Podcasting
  • Teacher Training






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