Learn Travis Picking From Scratch

How To Get Started The Right Way

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Learn Travis Picking From Scratch


Wouldn't it be nice to unlock the full potential of your guitar and play some hot tunes with the sound of a full band just by yourself? This course will show you how to do it. 

Travis Picking enables you to play the melody with your fingers, while the thumb provides a driving bass with a percussive sound. It can leave your audience in awe and asking where the second guitar came from. It's so satisfying if you can sit alone at home, playing your favourite tunes and there's nothing missing, because you can provide everything with your hands.

This style can be intimidating at first, if you don't know how to start. This is why I created this course. It will help you to achieve this goal faster and with a lasting result.

In This Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Get Started With The Simple Bass
  • Adding The Melody Notes With Slowly Increasing Difficulty
  • Play Easy Tunes Like "Ten Little Indians", "You Win Again" and "Freight Train"
  • Make It Sound Even Cooler With An Alternating Bass
  • Use Essential And Unusual Chord Shapes For Travis Picking
  • Spice Up Your Rockabilly Songs With Travis Picking
  • Play A Version Of The Red Hot Merle Travis Classic "Cannonball Rag"

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand the basic concept of travis picking
  • Play easy to medium tunes in thumb picking style
  • Learn how to use different chords for playing melody and bass at the same time
  • Play some great rockabilly licks in the thumb picking style

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is meant for guitar players who have played guitar for at least a year or so.
  • This course is for medium or advanced guitar players who want to learn this fun style the right way
  • You should be interested in Travis Picking or Thumb Picking
  • This course is not for you, if you have just started to play the guitar



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