The complete course to creating TV ads.

Beginning to intermediate level training in producing/editing TV ads and mastering digital media.

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The complete course to creating TV ads.


Ever wondered what the magic behind a TV commercial is? If so, this course is for you ! 

This course provides entry to intermediate level training in TV, and Digital Media. Instruction covers the following areas: Computer Multimedia Applications, Pre-Production, production and Post production, Distribution and Formats and Digital Audio Production. Students will use computers, video cameras, tripods, microphones, lights and industry software: Adobe Creative Cloud. 

You can enroll in the course today and purchase the required software later as we don't start working with Adobe's creative software until section 5 of the course. Remember, you will not just learn how to produce a TV commercial, but you'll also be learning the techniques and work ethic that applies to practically any project related to video editing and motion graphics.

I look forward to seen you on the inside :)  

What You Will Learn!

  • Demonstrate basic computer and software operation terminology.
  • Care in the handling of media production hardware and software.
  • Knowledge of and concern of production values.
  • Understand the underlying principles of technology.
  • Safe production practices and equipment operation.
  • Comprehend document paths, extensions and file formats.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in computer file management and organization.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic terminology, techniques, software and hardware related to computer graphics.
  • Produce two-dimensional videos utilizing a variety of media applications.
  • Operate video editing applications (Adobe Premiere CC).
  • Import and export video and sound clips (Adobe Media Encoder).
  • Approach video projects that illustrate a personal vision and aesthetic.
  • Demonstrate originality and creativity.
  • Develop visual style and design that is supportive of the content.
  • Basic to intermediate terminology, techniques, software and hardware related to producing TV commercials.
  • Basic to intermediate terminology, techniques, and software related to producing scripts and story boards for TV commercials.
  • Develop a props lists.
  • The ability to cast actors for TV commercials.
  • Organizational skills and competency in sound recording.
  • Understanding of producing quality video, audio and lighting of a TV commercial.
  • Understand video formats.
  • Understand video editing techniques, including transitions and motion graphics using keyframes.
  • Optimize and export video to multiple formats.
  • Upload their TV commercials to the internet.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot equipment and software.
  • Thinking critically and solving problems effectively while creating TV commercials.

Who Should Attend!

  • For beginner editors and hobbyists that want produce high quality TV advertisements.
  • For entrepreneurs looking forward to learn more about "video production".



  • Advertising Strategy
  • Video Editing






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