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HOME WORKOUTS with Emma Walton > High +Low Intensity sets to suit all levels > keep mental health>HIIT, LBTs, Abs+ Zumba

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Lockdown Fitness > Home exercise routines without equipment


Follow along with these simple sessions that you can do indoors at home or in the garden.

Course includes an Insanity Session, some Metafit Sessions, a 'Legs, Bums and Tums' and a Zumba Session.

You choose which ones to join in. You can do them all or pick and choose from your favourites!

If you're a High Intensity Fitness regular but you've not done these particular classes before watch the videos first so you can see the various routines and then when you feel ready get your kit on, grab a towel, a water bottle (and a mat if you have one) and then you'll be ready to follow along

The course is designed for students who would normally be doing regular gym classes but cannot at the moment get to Gym as most of them are shut.

FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING - regular exercise is important to maintain a sense of wellbeing, to stop muscle loss and to stop joints seizing up. Even if you can't afford the time to do the main 20 -30 minutes sessions there is a session in the bonus section of the course that really is suitable for all fitness levels and takes less than five minutes twice per day that will increase nitric oxide levels in the circulation and give you a regular wellbeing 'boost'

So there are routines here suitable for ALL LEVELS that can also be modified by you to suit current fitness and mobility levels

REMEMBER: physical exercise is key to keeping your mental health in check during lockdown,

What You Will Learn!

  • For adults or teens who can't currently get to do fitness classes at the gym, here are some follow-along gym class sessions
  • Includes Metafit-type and Insanity-type workouts + Legs Bums and Tums and Core sessions + some ZUMBA HIIT style dance
  • Maintain your previous HIIT fitness whilst gym is in lockdown (or start slowly and build up your fitness)
  • Selection of different high intensity exercise routines - no equipment required

Who Should Attend!

  • People who cannot currently get to the gym to do the classes
  • People who were regular gym goers before the lockdown
  • People with experience of HIIT-type classes but can no longer afford their gym class subscriptions



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