Microsoft Access VBA Introduction for the Complete VBA Newb

Learn Access VBA to Automate Access by Building a Solid Foundation with Access VBA

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Microsoft Access VBA Introduction for the Complete VBA Newb


Working with Access and VBA

Microsoft Access has a lot of moving parts. Tables to store your data, Queries to retrieve data, Forms to work with data and Reports to report on your data. Each of these Access Objects are important all by themselves, but, the real power of Microsoft Access comes when you bring all these objects together.

Automate with Access VBA

Join me in this course on Microsoft Access VBA and learn how to create an intuitive, accessible Access application by automating yours and your users experience working with data in Access.

Access VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, will provide the means to streamline your efforts in working with Access. Through VBA you will learn to automate routine Access tasks as well as tasks that would normally take a large portion of your day to complete.

Course Structure

I have structures this course for those that are brand new to developing within VBA. Starting with the basics of working within the VBE (Visual Basic Editor) Window, your coding development environment, all the way through more advanced topics such as working with VBA variables and creating loops to repeat tasks, blocks of code.

Enroll Now

Enroll now and participate in the course by taking advantage of not only the step by step video demonstrations, test your understanding with section quizzes, but also download the exercise file that I will be using throughout the videos and follow along.

Allow me to be your guide on the amazing journey of learning to program with the Microsoft Access with VBA.

What You Will Learn!

  • Automate routine Microsoft Access process with Access VBA
  • Develop intuitive, accessible Access Applications
  • Writing VBA Code from Scratch
  • Build a Solid Foundation with Access VBA

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is intended for those that are familar with working with Microsoft Access, working with Access Table, Forms, Queries and Reports.
  • Access users that are looking to automate some of their workflow within Access with VBA
  • No prior programming experience neccessary.



  • Microsoft Access
  • Access VBA






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