Java SE Programming: For Beginners

Java Programming for Complete Beginners. Learn how to program using Modern & New Java Features.

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Java SE Programming: For Beginners



This modern Java programming course is designed for both beginner and intermediate Java programmers. The programming topics are structured in such a way that is easy to learn for students. Concepts are explained with animations and real-life scenarios. You learn why certain things are done in Java and not just how to do them. This course would also be very helpful if you are an Android developer and wish to strengthen your Java skills.

Why learn from this course

Learn modern Java 11 features.

After learning Java using this course you would be able to learn other languages easily. This is because the concepts used in Java are also present in other languages. Core concepts are explained to give you a solid foundation as a Java programmer.

I know what issues are faced by students especially when learning a language like Java. In this course, you would notice how we start learning Java easily with Java's Jshell before moving into an IDE like IntelliJIDEA.

This course uses modern Java programming tools, Java is quickly evolving and this course would keep you up to date with what's popping in Java!

You will learn about topics such as Jshell, Java Operators, Java Methods, Java Arrays, Java Classes, Java Primitives, Java Control Statements, Java Packages, Java Inheritance, The New Var keyword, Wrapper Classes & AutoBoxing, Strings, Enums, and Exceptions.

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn Modern Java Programming Tools.
  • Learn Java in an easy way with Jshell, a REPL introduced in Java 9.
  • Get in-depth understanding of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Learn why we do certain things in Java and not just how.
  • Learn about Exception handling, Enums and Type Wrappers.
  • Learn Java Inheritance, Abstraction and Interfaces.
  • Learn new Java 11 features.
  • Understand concepts with the use of quality animations.
  • Understand how Java works and converts code to language that computers understand.
  • Learn the needed Java skills to later become an Android, Web or Desktop Developer.

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginners that wish to learn modern Java.
  • Java Developers willing to get a deeper understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts.
  • Professionals wanting a Java refresher course.
  • Android Developers looking to strengthen their Java skills.



  • IntelliJ
  • Java
  • Programming Fundamentals






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