Montessori Teachers' Sensorial Exam for Learners & Teachers

Self assessment exam for Aspirants and Refresher Assessment for Montessori Directness' learners, and teachers.

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Montessori Teachers' Sensorial Exam for Learners & Teachers


Introduction of Sensorial education

The objective of sensorial education is to empower the child to work from their own observations or ideas and to have liberty in doing things and respond properly to the environment. This helps them to understand their senses and know how to use them. This is done so as to adapt the child to be a useful individual for society. Sensorial education also helps the child to acquire clear information and be able to make classification in their environment. It also leads the child to make his own experiences.

What this exam is about?

This exam is offered to all sensorial education teachers and candidates who are willing to join any course related to sensorial education. This exam is based on following composition:

· Preliminary exercises

· Activities

· Resource materials

· Care of senses

· Care of environment (COE)

For Sensorial Teachers

If you are a Sensorial Teacher, this course will help you refresh your learning on Sensorial exercise and education. Moreover you can also share your queries and experiences in Q/A.

For Students Aspiring as Sensorial Teachers

If you are taking official sensorial course from any recognized institutes then this exam of sensorial education will definitely help you to appear in official exams .We do not claim that this course exam is an official one, but however it will surely help the individuals of sensorial education to learn.

What You Will Learn!

  • Basic concept of sensorial education
  • Basic preparation of exercises of sensorial education through assessments.
  • Exams on important knowledge about sensorial education.

Who Should Attend!

  • People willing to self access the concepts of sensorial education.
  • People willing to help others in discrimination and learning of six senses.



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