Physics : Basics of Electricity for grade 10

Theory with solutions to problems on Electricity

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Physics : Basics of Electricity for grade 10


Solutions/Theory Physics on Electricity is a self-paced course designed to help Physics students or any other student looking for basic concepts through lot of examples in simpler words. Lot of animations have been included along with examples for explanation of basic concepts. You can view these Video lectures as many times as you want to clear your basic Science concepts.

Few of the features of the course:

  • Highlighted formulas to remember.

  • Each Solution is explained with basic concepts

  • NCERT solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 12 Electricity Textbook Exercises

  • Notes, Formulas, Definitions, Key points are included.

  • Easy to understand and remember

Concepts covered:

  • Circuit, electrical symbols used in circuits

  • Electricity, reason for flow of electron

  • Insulators and conductors

  • Potential Difference

  • Resistance

  • Ohm's Law

  • Factors affecting resistance

  • Resistivity, Conductivity

  • Resistance in Parallel and Series

  • Electric Power

  • Heating effect of electric current

Bonus: Additional questions on Electricity and their solutions.

What You Will Learn!

  • Static Charge and Current
  • Difference between Insulators and Conductors
  • Why and How Current Flows
  • Potential Difference, Resistance, Conductivity, Resistivity
  • Ohms Law
  • Simple Circuit - symbols
  • Calculating Resistance equivalent of various resistances in Circuit
  • NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Physics Chapter 12 Electricity in Video - Fully Solved

Who Should Attend!

  • Any physics student can take the course



  • Electricity
  • Physics






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