Hair and Paint FX with Maya for Beginners

Create nHair and Paint FX hair for animated characters quickly in Maya 2016

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Hair and Paint FX with Maya for Beginners


Tired of using polygonal hair for your 3D characters? Then this course is for you! With Maya nHair and Paint FX Hair create believable, dynamic hair for your animated characters with ease as well as create an nCache and learning how to render Paint FX using Mental ray for Maya 2016.

Take the next step to making your animations look much more convincing with the use of animated nHair simulations. Learn how to quickly solve any technical issues you may encounter when creating your nHair or Paint FX.

Create eyelashes & eyebrows in minutes with Paint FX hair as well as receive monthly Bonus tutorials for new Hair styles and Paint FX techniques free.

What You Will Learn!

  • Quickly create nHair and Paint FX for their characters with little effort and Paint FX hair as well as have a comprehensive understanding of how the Paint FX brushes work in the Visor as well as create believable hair for their animated character models. Also, with the help of our upcoming bonus tutorials they will have extra knowledge of how to create and edit various trees, flowers & plants found in the Visor to create stunning forested landscapes with ease.

Who Should Attend!

  • This tutorial is designed to help beginners & intermediate 3D Artists gain hands on training & experience with Maya nHair & Paint FX Hair to create dynamic and believable hair for their animated characters as well as learn how to trouble shoot any technical issues that may arise when doing so. Students will go through the process of creating nHair for the 3D animated character model, May which is made available in the file attachment in the introduction section in Volume 1. They will learn how to prepare the model for nHair creation, then onto creating nHair, then onto the creation of Paint FX Hair and how to render that hair in Maya with Mental ray.



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